Saturday, September 6

Update on my wisdom...

teeth that is. For most of the first week, my right side was bothering me and my left seemed almost healed. But for some reason, now my left is hurting WAY more than my right did. I even had to take the heavy duty painkiller last night for the first time since Monday. My entire right jaw felt swollen and achy all the way up to my head. I even had to use an ice pack (frozen peas) to alleviate some of the pain before the meds kicked in. I called the dr yesterday and the nurse gave me the impression that this was all "normal" and they would check it all out at my post-op appt on Monday. I hope I can get through the weekend.

On a TMI note, in the middle of the night I have been waking up to bits of food finally becoming dislodged from those spaces and running around my mouth. Food in your mouth after it had been hanging around a while digesting is NASTY! It has made me rethink my diet, which will go back to as many liquid-like substances as I can stand until my appt Monday.

On a happier note, Erin finally said Mama today (the stinker) after a week of saying the following: Dada, Ee-ah, Mimi, PawPaw, baby, and ball. We all knew she could do it, it was just her stubborn nature not to say the one thing we were all working on with her. I have my work cut out for me with that one.

She also had her 1 yr check up today (I am writing this at 4am, so it was actually yesterday. Leah woke up needing to potty and with her arm asleep so she was crying.). Erin's stats were: 22lb 2oz and 28 3/4 in long. That is a full inch taller and 2 1/2 lbs heavier than Leah was at this age. In fact Leah was 23 lbs at 18 months! So Er-bear is quite the bruiser. Maybe it's because we call her bear? :) She has another tooth popping through on the right side of her tops. The dr also said she could feel the molars on Erin's left side so they are getting close too. I am rapidly losing my baby here. Help!

Tropical Storm Hanna is currently upon us. It is raining and we are under a flash flood watch until noon. But Hanna is expected to be in VA by 8pm Sat night. So don't you worry about us. Stop on by if you feel the urge.


Keri Donald said...

I had a not-so-fun time with my wisdom teeth. When I had them taken out, I was out of work for 2 weeks... I might have been stretching it, but they did hurt pretty bad (plus I was really swolen). I'm not one to take pain pills (I barely took them with both c-sections), but I think I used most of them up with my wisdom teeth. I know this isn't the case with most people, but mine hurt with a dull pain for months afterwards.

Also, about the food getting stuck, did they give you a syringe to flush the holes out? It's kinda like a water pick, but it gets all of the crap out? Maybe they don't want you to do it until after the stitches are out or something (it's been a while), but that helps a ton.

Nikki said...

Food in those empty sockets was the worst part for me. They didn't give me a syringe .. sounds like a good idea though. Hope the pain is over soon!