Friday, September 12

Leah's first fib?

On Wednesday evening, we were waiting on the porch for Mike to come home. Leah was pulling a few weeds in the garden when all of a sudden she shouted that her hand was hurting. I looked and it was the tiniest scrape, no blood even. So we patched her up.

The next day she told me it was hurting again. She claimed the scrape was from a "mean girl" at school. She told me this whole elaborate thing about how the girl wanted Leah to "be in her family" but Leah didn't want to so the girl scraped Leah with her fingernail. I asked her if she told the teacher and she said yes and the girl got sent to time out.

The whole story sounded suspicious to me, so I asked her teachers about it today. Both of them said they had never heard a thing about this incident. So I will have to talk to Leah about it later today.

I wonder though, because a couple of days ago, Ian came home telling us about a "mean boy" on the playground who was bullying him. So did Leah feel the need to have her very own mean kid story? Or are the kids at this school pretty pesty?

I am inclined to believe that Leah has told me her first fib. I hope this is not how things are going from here on out. I enjoy having Leah tell me straight out that she hit Erin, so I can put her into time out based on her own word. :) But I guess they all figure that out sooner or later.

Update: Leah and I discussed things later and she did finally admit to me that she made the story up. I told her it's okay to tell me interesting stories as long as she says, "Mama, I'm just teasing," if it's not a true story. I think she kinda gets it.


Nikki said...

Ah, kids. Never a dull moment. :)

LeShayne said...

Oh thats such a tough lesson too! Tori was so convincing and it took awhile to teach her what was story telling and what was lying. Tristan on the other hand makes up such wild stories - complete with super heroes, wild animals, and indoor precipitation that we established early on the difference and his "stories" always make you have to hold in a laugh as he tries to make them
believable. Good luck with finding a balance and enjoying what her creative little mind makes up in the meantime.