Wednesday, March 28

And the money kept rolling out


in all directions (from Evita)

I just paid bills today (not our regular monthly bills) amounting to $800! They are for vehicle taxes and doctor bills for me. Since our insurance only pays 80% we are scrambling to come up with the other 20% for now. When Mike goes permanent with Bank of America we will be 100% insured and this issue should go away. But for now, we are trying to figure out how to afford to be pregnant.

We went to Carowinds last Sunday for a wonderful day. I didn't realize how many rides they have for little kids. Leah could ride 6 rides! I was so afraid on 2 of them that she would be terrified once they got going (she rode with Mike). But she loved every minute of it! One of the rides actually had her riding ALONE! I couldn't believe it and again was nervous for her. She had so much fun she rode it twice! I realized that I can't let a mother's fears hold her back. She has to be able to try things to see what she likes. We had such a great day and I can't wait to go back again.

This weekend we go to Durham to see the Wrigleys move into their new house and to see Ronni & Steve also. I have to check out Durham on the web and see what there is to do there so we can hang out there on Saturday and wait for everyone to arrive. Any ideas?

Only 2 weeks until my next doctor's appt and hopefully we can tell what kind of baby I have this time. Leah's room has been mostly taped out and is waiting to be finished and painted. After that it is baby's turn, but we have to know what kind it is first.

I have a 2 day week next week because spring break starts. Our anniversary is Thursday but we will probably will wait until the following week to celebrate because my dad will be in town and can babysit for us. Leah & I may go meet Mike in the city for lunch that day though to do SOMETHING fun.

That's all I have, have a great week!


Monday, March 19

Nothing to blog about


I have been feeling lately that I have nothing interesting to say. It's funny because I just told Nikki the other day "Just the everyday things are interesting to us" when it comes to blogging. I just have to remember that is true and blog about whatever comes to mind.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for our neighbors Ty and Porter (not related). They both turned one this past week so they had a combined birthday party. It was actually the perfect length for a one-year-old. They played a bit, opened presents, ate their cake, then went home for a nap.

After naptime, we took Leah and Ian bowling. At first, Leah really liked rolling the ball down the lane. But after a while, her favorite game was running out into the lane and turning into a noodle so you couldn't pick her up. That part was lots of fun for Mommy and Daddy. I don't think we will be going bowling again soon (although she looked so cute rolling the ball!).

Mike and Leah have started going on "adventures" lately. He takes her out walking and they come back a little while later full of stories to tell me. Yesterday they walked over to this high school over the hill behind our house. The school has all their track and field stuff out, so Leah played with the hurdles and jumped on the high jump pad. She also ran the bases on the baseball field. I can't wait to put her in T-ball. It will be so adorable!


Friday, March 16

Family Month


I think the next month is going to be good to us family-wise. My mom just booked a flight to come visit on the 23rd. Then my step-dad called to ask if he could come the 29th for a few days. We drive over to Durham on the 31st to see Mike's family and help Stacy move in to her new house (at least everyone else will be helping, I will be babysitting). Then my dad and step-mom come to NC April 6th and stay for a week for Easter and during my spring break. Leah will definitely know her grandparents well by the end of this month. We are so happy to spend time with them and to get BABYSITTERS all the time. :)


Wednesday, March 14

The Waiting Game


For those of you have been anxiously awaiting the sex of baby Gallers, your wait will be extended indefinitely. The ultrasound tech said that she didn't see any evidence of a penis but the baby was not positioned correctly for her to be sure. So we are assuming a girl, bubt we don't really know. We are not going to be picking bedding or names or anything until we are sure. I was counting on today to set my mind at ease on thinking of boys' names. No such luck :) The baby was completely healthy as far as we could see with all parts in place and everything the right size. The heartbeat was 153bpm and looked fabulous. So ultimately we are happy.

I did however manage to finish the playroom today. Here is a photo of one of the walls. I am really happy with how it came out. You never know when you have an picture in your head how it will actually work. I was also unsure about the sponging technique since I have never used it before. So all in all, it looks just like I thought it would. Now it's time to move on to the next project, Leah's room.

PS Here is a video of Leah playing her new favorite game.


Monday, March 5

Just another lovely weekend...


Mike is still not finished with that darn shed! He put in quite a few hours this weekend and got very close. There are a few finishing touches still to do, but he promised to help me paint the playroom next weekend, so I don't know when he will get to those. I want the playroom, Leah's room, and baby's room to be done before Hive so everyone can see them.

We also rearranged our upstairs to put furniture in the proper rooms. The futon moved from craft room to music room. The guest bed moved from baby's room to craft room. The CRIB moved from Leah's room to baby's room. That's right, it is officially out. Leah has not looked back once since she transitioned. It was cute though, yesterday before nap she asked to go see her crib. She wasn't too sure about it not being there. But she slept fine.

Sunday night we had neighbors over and grilled yummy stuff to eat. I made a fruit salad and bacon ranch potato salad that was awesome. We really wanted to play outside but it had finally gotten too cool to be out and the wind was insane. You almost couldn't stand upright! It was nice to get together with everyone, especially since Laurie brought a trifle made with cake, cheesecake pudding, and berries!

I felt the baby move I think it was Friday night for the first official time. I have been feeling things I thought could be baby squirms for a good 2 or so weeks now. But that night was a distinct thump on my insides. So we know he or she is alive and kicking. Can't wait until next Wednesday when we have our big ultrasound. I hope that baby cooperates and shows us his/her privates.