Sunday, September 14

I'm dreaming

I have been SO good about not eating the pumpkin cream cheese bars and blue frosted sugar cookies T has sent over (congrats, T & B!). They have been on my counter/in my fridge tempting me for a few days now. But I was determined to do well in this weigh-in.

So instead, I dreamed (drempt?) of dessert. I was standing on underneath a ramp watching all of these chefs carrying platters over my head. There were things like a giant chocolate cake (5ft in diameter!) and tiny petit fours piled high. You think I was craving something?

So as a reward for all that, I had a good weigh-in today. I am 9.4 lbs down in the competition and am only 2.8 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am so happy I did this with everyone. It has certainly served as a motivator.

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brittany said...

WOW...9.4 lbs! That's impressive!

If you have anymore dreams, go get some sugar-free cool whip, sugar-free vanilla pudding, strawberries, blue berries, bananas, (and whatever other fruit you like), and then make some dessert. That always satisfies my craving!

I usually add reduced fat Nilla Wafers too, but I don't really know how "reduced fat" they are, so you might want check on that first.