Monday, January 29

No news is good news


Not too much going on here lately. I had a miserable sinus cold so I was sniffly and headachy all last week. Thank goodness is seems to have cleared up and I feel much better today, just tired. I have my first official OB appointment today and can't wait to see what they do. I really want them to do an ultrasound but they probably won't considering it's my second pregnancy and I am very sure of my dates. I do hope at the very least they can find the heartbeat with the Doppler. I will be so disappointed if I leave with no evidence of a healthy baby. I need something to make this seem real to me besides my bouts with reflux and my slowly tightening clothes. C'mon doc, help me out!

Laurie and I toured the hospital last week. It was very clean and new, but not quite as up-to-date in their practices as Helen Ellis (where Leah was born). The rooms were TINY! There is no way people can fit in there to visit. SO, I may look into another hospital. We shall see after my appointment on this afternoon.

Other than that, life is good. We now live by ourselves after cohabiting with Dave & Rhiannon for 2 months. That is very nice. Leah is talking all the time. I love it!


Saturday, January 20

Ski Beech


Sorry it took me so long to blog about our trip. I kept wanting to do it at work, but I didn't have my pictures so I wanted to wait until I got home. THEN I would forget. You know the drill. So anyway...

We had SUCH a good time on Beech Mountain. On the way there on Saturday
of course Leah wouldn't nap. We tried to get her to nap at the inn when we got there. No dice there either. We stayed at Beech Alpen Inn. It was sooo cute. Our room had 2 double beds in in with plenty of room for Leah's pack-n-play and room to play on the floor. She loved climbing up on the window seat and looking out at the people. She would shout "Hi, peoples!" out the window. That afternoon we bundled all up and decided to try out the sledding hill.

Leah was all gung ho the first time down the hill. Maybe if they hadn't fallen off the sled, she would have liked it. As it was she did not want to go down again. She and Daddy sat in the snow at the bottom and made a tiny snowman. She tasted the snow and said it tasted like icy water. She did like walking around in her boots though.

We ate dinner each night at yummy restaurants and then hung out at our inn for the evening. The first night Mike did a night skiing session and I sat in our inn's common room drinking hot chocolate and watching Food Network on their big screen TV. The second night Mike was gonna go out again, but he was exhausted and needed a little break. We played Sorry and Uno in the common room and watched Desparate Housewives. For out last day, Mike skiied a morning session and Leah and I met him there. He took a break and we played in a snowy playplace. Leah really liked climbing and sliding into the snow. We watched Mike come down the mountain a few times too. She kept looking for "Daddy's awnge hat".

I feel like we became our little family again after having friends live with us for so long. On that note, they are supposed to be closing this Thursday. So fingers crossed that we will have our house back next weekend!

We actually got a little sleet/rain the other night. County schools were closed (not my school) on Thursday. It was neat for Leah to go break the icicles off the cars. It may happen again tomorrow night. Here's hoping that schools (mine included) are closed Monday!


Friday, January 12

New beginnings...


Tomorrow we are leaving to go to the mountains for the weekend. I am very excited about it for two reasons. First of all, just our little family is going. We have never been on a trip that was just us. It's kinda nice to start doing things on our own. In addition, I am very excited to see how Leah reacts in the snow. We have an adorable snowsuit for her and some boots. She looks so cute and wants to wear it around the house. I am afraid she will give herself a heat stroke! But it's nice to see that she is excited. She talks about going with daddy to the mountains to play in the snow. So I will update about how our weekend went when we get back.

More news from us! We set up a toddler bed in Leah's room last night. Ever since Ian started sleeping in his big boy bed (a twin), Leah has talked about her big girl bed. So we borrowed one from our neighbor (Thanks, Tiffany!) and set it up. We read our bedtime stories in it last night and she really liked that. Then when she laid down and I covered her up, she said, "No, Mommy!" So we talked about it and she wanted to be in her crib. I really don't care one way or another (at least until the baby comes). I just figured while she was interested, we would let her play in it and get comfortable for when she HAS to switch (not for many months yet).

On a personal note, I have been reading/seeing quite a bit lately about postpartum depression. When I was pregnant with Leah, I knew it existed but never even considered I would have it. And I didn't. But with this one, I don't know. I am really scared about it. I just think the combination of a newborn and a toddler might send me over the edge. This journal on has really made me think. Here is a seemingly perfectly normal woman with two precious children and for several months in the beginning, she just can't get it together. Then the recent episodes of Scrubs features Carla getting postpartum depression with her first child. I just wonder if I will be able to handle it. I gues millions of people DO handle it every day. I will just try not to think about it.

Monday, January 1

And a happy new year!


I have been severely chastised for not updating this blog so here it is. :)

The weekend before Christmas, my step-dad came to visit. He took Leah into the "forest" near our house and she had a blast. She still talks about everything that she saw in the forest ("tee fall down"). It was so cute what she said one day too. My step-dad shaves his head. So we were talking about what color hair everyone has. Leah said brown for her own, mommy, and daddy, but for Pops she said "all gone!" How funny!

Then, we had a wonderful Christmas with my mom here. Leah got so used to opening presents every time she woke up (from naps and nighttime) that she continued to ask for them every time. I don't know how much Leah understood of Santa, but we left out milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer. She liked doing that.

After Christmas, our friends from Florida Jason & Nikki came to visit for a few days with their daughter Halle who is 10 months. It was fun catching up and seeing the two girls interact. It has rained a lot this past week though, yuck. Mike is going a little stir crazy.

Next weekend we are planning to head over to Banner Elk, I think, to check out the mountains and give Mike a chance to try out his new snowboard. We even got a Leah some snow pants the other day at Target. Now all she needs is boots and we are set. Come to think of it, I need boots too.

I'm sure all of you know this by now but I wanted to officially announce it here. We are expecting another baby Gallers. I am almost 8 weeks along and the baby is due August 17th (Aunt Brittany's birthday). I have been feeling pretty well most of the time, just tired a lot. I do have bouts with a yucky feeling but nothing permanent. We are so excited. Leah now says "big sisser We-ah." It is adorable.

Well, that's all the news for now. Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday season and I wish much happiess in the coming year for you and your families.