Saturday, September 6

Blood rushes to the head

Last night while running my 5K (go me!) on the treadmill, I was experiencing pretty intense pain in my mouth. We were talking about it later and started thinking that blood rushes to injuries and while my blood was pumping so hard it must have been pooling in my wounds. It was pretty intense and everyone is telling me not to do cardio until I go to my post-op appt. That sucks! But I guess I will listen.
Update: I am pretty sure I have dry socket, where the blood clot becomes dislodged and your nerves are exposed. Lovely.
Update2: I called my dr this AM because I was hurting SO bad. He said that if I had dry socket, even my heavy duty painkiller wouldn't touch it. So I probably didn't have it.

Erin took a few steps today! She is still nervous and doesn't like to let go, but if you get her going and gradually peel her hands from yours, she sometimes is on a roll. More often than not, she lowers herself down and crawls.

Leah has a sore throat and fever today. She has eaten a corn muffin and 1/2 a piece of banana bread ALL day. She had 2 cups of apple juice and that's it. She claims even a banana hurts her throat. So my poor baby has been a couch potato today. Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow.

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Kelly in NC said...

I was worried about you having a dry socket when you were over here last night. Hope that all is well after your appointment tomorrow! Good luck!