Monday, September 1

Labor day Weekend

Overall, this weekend was a combination of painful, relaxing, and fun-filled. I did not take that many pain-killers after the first day. I was mostly just sore and sometimes chewing would hurt. But otherwise, I was able to eat a turkey and avocado sandwich today. Good times.

I got to read 2 books (see my Goodreads bar) and take naps almost everyday. Mike was so attentive. He was always checking in, trying to get me to eat something, making sure I was taking my meds. Seriously, best husband ever. Thanks honey!

We also went to the water park (I did not swim, just watched my kiddos and Mike), ate at Cici's (even me!), went shopping at Target, had a cook-out at the Maddexes, went to the US National Whitewater Center and rode bikes, and went to Matthews Alive (craft festival).

On a funny note, Erin will NOT say Mama. Every time I say Mama to her, she come back with either Dada or Eee-ah. I do not rate anymore. :) When Mike is within sight, forget it. I am old news. She is SUCH a daddy's girl. He of course loves it. Hey, it's fine with me, she will be asking for him to put her to bed soon.


Mandi said...

Oooh! How was the white water center?

*on a side note, i cannot spell... at first i typed the word white,"wight" and center w/ an "s". drph.

Nikki said...

Elena is already a Daddy's girl too! She gives him the biggest smiles every time she sees him. Halle's mine though. :)

You did A LOT this weekend. Holy cow. Way to make use of your holiday weekend!

Glad to hear the recovery hasn't been too painful!