Wednesday, August 30

Weight Update


So this past week I lost 2.4 lbs for a total of 5.8 lbs lost! I am really proud of that, even though it's not a lot. On the other hand, it is 20% of the total weight I want to lose. SO keep up the good work of counting points and working out most days of the week. I am definitely strengthening my core from Pilates. It feels good to be able to do something in class that I couldn't do the weeks before.

My 10 year high school reunion is at the end of September in Nashville. I know I didn't actually graduate from that school, but I miss those people and am more curious about them than my own graduating class. Mike and I already have flights and we are staying with friends. I can't wait to look fabulous for it!

Friday, August 25

Update on Leah


I just wanted to share some of the cute things Leah has said/done lately. This morning she grabbed her elbow out of the blue and said "be-bow". I love when she says things without repeating them. She knows most of the body parts too. She has been starting to say a few words with all of the sounds (up, map). It's so adorable to hear her say "up" when she wants to sit next to me on the couch. This morning when we were watching TV, the character asked the audience a question and Leah responded, "No" with a shake of her head. She is interacting with the TV! How cute is that?

Also, whenever we sit on our front porch swing she says, "Dada?" like she's asking where he is. The first time she sat there, we all sat together as a family and she remembers that. When we talk about PawPaw, she always says Mimi too. I have been working on Grammy, but so far no luck.

This morning Laurie & I took a circuit training class that kicked out butts. The kids made it through the entire time at daycare. Leah was crying when I got there but the worker said that she only cried every so often to remind them she was there. So another successful day of working out. We have done something everyday this week except Tuesday. Congrats to us!

Wednesday, August 23

I do not celebrate success


So this week on Weight Watcher's I gained 4 tenths back. It was Bryan's birthday (Laurie's husband) on Friday. We had cupcakes (I had 1). Then on Saturday we had a BBQ with our neighbors. We grilled out and ate potato salad, corn on the cob, jello salad, and BROWNIE TRIFLE for dessert. Oh my gosh! How could I help it? Actually I don't think the desserts are what did it. There are 2 factors:

1. I tend to grab bites of things (a bit of Leah's cheese, an animal cracker, etc.) and not count it because it was less than a point. All those less than a points add up to whole points I am not counting.

2. I get weighed in after dinner. Who loses weight after dinner? So Laurie & I decided that we would not eat until after the meetings from now on.

Hopefully next week will be better...

Saturday, August 19



Isn't this picture adorable? We took Leah and Ian to the park yesterday along with two other families from our neighborhood. The other moms each have 3 kids, so at the park there were: 2 3yr olds, a 2yr old, an 18 mo old, a 15 mo old, a 6 mo old and a 5 mo old. (The 5yr old was at school). It was so much fun. Then tonight we had a BBQ at Laurie's with all the same families. We all said we felt like we had known each other forever. I can't wait to get together again!

My dad is wondering if Leah is allergic to cats. When we lived in FL, she had all those ear infections. Then we moved and they went away. BUT when Bryan & Laurie's cats came to live up here, she had another slight ear infection. Then we moved into our house and she has not had one since. Well, our cats are coming home to us on Labor Day weekend. So we will see if she gets any ear infections after that.

Today was my Pilates class. I had never taken that class before I moved here. I had done Pilates on DVD, but I really didn't like it. But now I have been going every Saturday for about 6 weeks. I really LOVE this class though. The instructor is really mellow and soothing, so you still feel relaxed even when you are doing push-ups with your ankles balancing on an exercise ball (today's lovely adventure). Anyway, it really refreshes and revives me. I can't wait to go again on Monday!

Wednesday, August 16

Starting off well


I had my weigh-in last night. I lost 3.8 pounds in the first week. It was very encouraging to have that kind of change. It motivated me to continue. The topic of last night's meeting was change. The leader was asking us what did we still want to change. I want to add in more exercise. I have been going with my neighbor, Laurie, a few days a week. Last night we made a schedule that has us taking 2 Pilates classes, a step & sculpt class, walking 2 days at home, having a day off and an optional day every week. I really want to stick to it. We already completed our walk today and it is 9:30am. We are on a roll! :)

Monday, August 14

A promise from my husband


Last night Mike promised me that when I lose my weight (and we sell the house in FL), he will take me to New York for the weekend. We will stay in a nice hotel, see a Broadway show, and go to a nice dinner. That sure is motivation!

I had lots of requests to start a club. Let's just post on our various blogs where we stand and how we are doing. We can encourage from there. I will post tomorrow night what (if any) my first week's weight loss is.

Sunday, August 13

Baby weight


I decided to start Weight Watchers last week. I came to this decision because I still have 10, count 'em 10, pounds to go before I hit pre-pregnancy weight. Before that I was still about 15 pounds too heavy for my frame and size. I want to lose that 25 pounds before I get pregnant again and start the roller coaster all over. People keep saying, "Won't you be depressed to gain all that weight right back while you are pregnant?" But I will know I started in a good place that is healthier for me and the baby. Plus I will be closer to a healthy weight when I have to lose it yet again. So send me your words of encouragement! I weigh-in Tuesday nights and will keep you posted on my progress (not my actual weight, just my progress).

PS I love reading all of my friends' new blogs!

Thursday, August 10

Oh, what a feeling!


I love the feeling you get when you make a To Do list and you actually do things on the list. I started one 2 days ago and it sat on my fridge mocking me. "You'll never do these," it said every time I looked at it. But today I completed all but one task. I win!

Leah successfully stayed in the gym day care today! I dropped her off and got her playing. Then I left and I didn't hear any crying before I got out the door. When I returned, she was playing! I had to leave at a certain time because we had a microwave repairman was coming to fix our brand-new never been used microwave. I was so sad to take her when she was doing so well. We have to keep this up, taking her 2-3 times a week so she gets used to it. Maybe we are breaking the Mommy addiction!

Friday, August 4

A television obsession


Leah is now hooked on Dora the Explorer. Every time she sees the TV she asks, "Doh-wah, Doh-wah?" I really can't watch TV with her around because tantrums ensue if there is anything on but Dora. I don't know how it got to this point, but it does not set a good precedent for the future.

The house is progressing. We have put up blinds and shades in almost every room. We have ceiling fans in the family room and master bedroom. The baby's room is next. We HAVE to get the baby gates installed this weekend. The ones we have up now are pressure mounted and you have to step over them to get to the front door. The new ones are hardware mounted and have a latch to open. I can't wait until everything is more settled and unpacked. We are getting there!

Tuesday, August 1

Sevens Meme


Seven things I can’t do:

* Drive stick shift
* Hula hoop
* Play piano
* Water ski
* Draw anything but stick figures
* Sew
* Paint a wall neatly (and I have tried!)

Seven things I can do:

* Finish a 200 page book in one sitting
* Shop for baby things :)
* Scrapbook
* Design fun paint patterns on walls like Trading Spaces
* Proofread (I used to be the editor for my roommates in college)
* NOT buy shoes practically ever
* Follow a recipe

Seven things I want to do before I die:

* Travel the US in a motor home (where I don't drive)
* Go to a Broadway show
* Learn to snow ski
* Write curriculum for a publishing company
* Have an anniversary party as elaborate as my wedding
* Visit Paris and eat at a real Parisian cafe
* Go to chef school (I love this one!)

The Seven dwarves are (google is cheating!):

* Dopey
* Sleepy
* Happy
* Grumpy
* Bashful
* Doc
* ??

Seven things I say most often:

* No, no, Leah
* Do you want some milk?
* Honey, you know I'm right
* Where is... (we just moved)
* Ugh, I need a screwdriver for this
* Do you need anything at the grocery?
* I don't have anything to wear.

Seven movies I love:

* Clue
* Dirty Dancing
* Father of the Bride 2
* Muppets Take Manhattan
* Rent
* The Incredibles
* Gone in 60 Seconds

Seven friends who are getting memed:

* Kelly
* Keri
* Laurie
* That's it for me!