Thursday, August 30

Book Tour #4 Reminder


Book: Family Tree
Author: Barbara Delinsky

Question Due: September 14th

All Questions Listed: September 15th/16th

Post Date: September 21st

How the book tour works:

(1) leave a comment or send me an email ( saying that you're interested in participating.

(2) I will keep adding to this list of participants so people will know who is participating and where to go to read other reviews on "post day" (September 21st). You can add yourself to the list up until September 14th.

(3) read Family Tree by September 14th (about 4 weeks from Tour #3's post date).

(4) create a single question that would kick off a discussion (in other words, any question that leads to more than a "yes" or "no" answer where someone can express their opinion) and email it to me on September 14th (or any time beforehand).

(5) on September 15th/16th, I will post the list of possible questions. Everyone will choose 3 questions off the list and answer them in a blog entry (if we only have 3 participants, we'll all be answering the same questions. If there are more questions, we'll have more variation on the blog entries because people will choose to answer different questions).

(6) on September 21st, everyone will post their entry. I will post my answers too and a reminder that it's post day so people can go around and read the entries and comment (start a discussion back and forth in the comments section).

I want you all to know that I have already read this book, but I wanted to share it with all of you because it was SO good. It really lends itself to a good discussion so I can't wait to hear and answer your questions about it. Please consider participating, this book is very good.

Erica tagged me


Man, I just read Erica's My Favorite Time of Day post and I was tagged! So now I have to blog about my favorite time of day.

Is this horrible? Right now my favorite time of day is right after we put Leah down for bed at night. Either we have time to play and interact with just Erin OR Erin is sleeping and we have time to just relax. Is it bad that my favorite time of day is without my kid(s)?

Whose children are these?


I stole this from Christine. Apparently they both look like both of us.

Wednesday, August 29

The Wedding Tag - I read it too


1. Where did you meet your husband? I saw him for the first time at our wintergaurd dress rehearsal,, I met him at a guard show, but only for a minute

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband? Who remembers these things?

3. Where was your first date? I went to his house, then we rented Muppets from Space to watch there, then I stayed over to watch Simpsons, I didn't want to leave

4. Where was your first kiss? In my living room on our first Valentine's Day (a day early)

5. Did you have a long or short engagement? We were engaged for 11 months.

6. Where did you get engaged? At a park in the gazebo, Mike played a "Will you marry me?" song he wrote on his guitar.

7. Where were you married? Holiday Inn Harbourside at Indian Rocks Beach, FL

8. How did the reception go? It was just about the most fun I have EVER had!!!

9. How was the honeymoon? We went to Bora Bora and stayed at the Club Med there. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

If you read this and have not already responded, YOU are tagged!

Tuesday, August 28

Erin's 2 wk appt


We saw the doctor today and Erin has grown up a bit. She is now 7lb 15 oz after dropping to 6lb 10 oz two days after birth. I know Mike blogged about going to the hospital to have her bilirubin checked awhile back. I was pretty scared at the time. They had to do a heel prick to get the blood. I was having flashbacks to the first time I witnessed that with Leah and it was awful. They couldn't get the blood to flow and she was SCREAMING in my arms. I was sobbing and my tears were pouring all over her face. It took forever. So I was afraid this time, but the lab tech was awesome and Erin actually FELL ASLEEP while they were taking her blood. Her levels turned out to be within acceptable limits and by that Friday her weight was back up to 7lb 1oz. So it turned out okay in the end.

I also want to address Mike's blog about my dream. I know it sounded wacky that I was so upset about Erin turning into an animal. But let me explain my reasoning. It wasn't the turning into an animal that freaked me out. In the dream I was screaming over and over (good thing I don't talk in my sleep or I would have woken the entire house up) "She was never our child" and THAT is what killed me. I thought I had lost her. She was not mine. I realized in that moment that I love her more than anything. She belongs to me in reality. It was an important moment that makes me feel good now that I look back on it. But at the time, I was terrified of losing her. Hey, don't judge me. :)

Anyway, things are going well here. Erin is nursing well and for the most part sleeping well. I am feeling very good, so good I am surprised when I think that I had a baby 2 weeks ago (today actually). When I was pregnant, I couldn't remember when my belly wasn't huge and hard. Now I can't remember having a pregnant belly. How easily we forget. Anyway Leah is GREAT with Erin, wanting to hold her all the time. Mike is such a help, he took a shift last night with Erin, THEN got Leah all ready for school in the morning.

Well, I gotta go to bed while I can. Can't wait to see some of you in Florida in October!

Sunday, August 26

Instant growing up


I was just reading my birth club board on There was a thread by second time moms about how their first child seemed to grow up just in the time the mom was in the hospital. I realized that is exactly how I feel about Leah! She seemed to become taller, weigh more, and be even more verbal when I came home than before. Even big and pregnant, I could still hold her and she wasn't overly heavy. Now after holding Erin all the time, Leah feels TOO heavy for me to carry. I feel bad that I can't hold her as much.

Yesterday we were at the playground and Mike was holding Leah and spinning around and around. When he put her down, she was super dizzy and seemed upset by it. I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the car. Her body stretched from my shoulder to my knees!!! Where did my baby go?

On a cutie note, Nana asked Leah if she wanted to come listen to Erin cooing. Leah said to Daddy, "We are going to listen to Baby Erin cocooning!"

Thursday, August 23

Welcome Baby Corgan!


Congratulations to Keri and Keith on the arrival of Corgan Alexander Donald yesterday evening at 8:03pm! I was following the blog closely until I went to bed at 9pm with fever and chills.

Yes, folks, I have mastitis. The area is not all that painful, just a little tender. But the fever and chills gave it away. This morning my dr called in an antibiotic for me, so I will be back to normal shortly. Advil is also a miracle drug, it gave me relief throughout the night so I could actually sleep some.

On another note, Erin grunts SO loud in her sleep. It wakes me up, but she sleeps right through it. It sounds like an old man grunting to stand up. Also I am struggling with getting her to wake up enough to eat much. Usually I can only get her to eat on one side before she falls back to sleep. And sometimes she only eats for less than 10 minutes. How can she possibly be getting enough food? I think I will make an appt with the lactation room at my hospital for next week and get their opinion on the whole thing.

Best wishes to Keri & Keith on beginning this new phase of their family!

Monday, August 20

Home alone


So I have to confess that the thing I was scared of most was putting Leah down for a nap with no help. Today my mom left to go back to Florida (Boo) and Mike's mom arrived at the same time. He went to do the drop off and pick up right before Leah's naptime so I was left to do it by myself. Thankfully Erin was eating when they left, so she was finished by the time I had to put Leah down. We went upstairs and sat in Leah's new chair. As you can see by the pictures on our website, I can hold Erin on one side and Leah on the other and read her stories. I was able to do that, get her into bed and rub her back as usual. Then I came downstairs and put Erin in the pack-n-play because she had dozed off while I was reading. Since then I have done some dishes and eaten my lunch. And now I am on the computer in a quiet house! I am so excited I can't see straight! Ahhh, now for some relaxation...

Sunday, August 19

So much to tell


Things here are going pretty well. Erin is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time at night. Breastfeeding is finally getting easier. It only took a week this time, when it took a whole month with Leah. I am relieved because I was terrified of going through that pain for an entire month. So onward and upward.

Yesterday we took the girls and went to Dave & Buster's for Bryan's birthday. I know many people think we are crazy for taking a newborn out. But we are not the type to sit around and we want to start off how we mean to go on. She slept almost the entire time we were gone. I nursed her there sitting on the floor of the bowling alley. I used Keri's present, a L'oved Baby nursing shawl. Erin is just learning and I really have to watch to get her situated. So I had to have my mom hold the shawl out so I could see in. It was really dark in the shawl so it was kind of a comedy getting all set up. It worked well once we got latched on. So I am looking forward to more opportunities to learn how to use it.

Tonight we bathed the girls together. My mom was nervous about it but it went fine. We put Erin's bath mat in the big tub and tried to keep Leah from splashing so much. She did well. We dressed them together in Leah's room and read them stories together. We got Leah a reading chair today and it looks so cute in her room. Anyway it was so much fun doing those things as a family.

I will leave you with a few pics of the sisters.

Friday, August 17

Harry Potter Answers - POST DAY


1. J.K. Rowling demonstrates an impressive ability to integrate symbolism throughout her books. Even in her epilogue, James and Albus Severus, Potter's children, continue the teasing/taunting relationship that is indicative of the people for whom they were named. Therefore, in keeping with the theme of symbolism, if you were a character in Harry Potter, what animal would be your patronus and why? This is a tough one. Right now my patronus would be a female kangaroo because I have my baby in my pouch often now. :) (Hey, they said your patronus could change with the circumstances of your life.)

4. What do you think Bellatrix Lestrange's relationship was with Voldemort? I do not think Voldemort thought of her in any way other than an especially powerful minion. He took advantage of the fact that she had feelings for him. He was able to give her certain jobs because of her certain loyalty, but I think he knew she was crazy and was always a little careful not to let her in too far.

6. Do you think Dumbledore should have revealed all of the facts to Harry earlier? If so, at what point was he ready to hear everything? Even after reading all of the books, I still find myself irritated that Dumbledore waited so long to tell Harry everything (first the Horcruxes, then the Deathly Hallows). I think after hearing the prophecy would have been a good time to reveal the whole story. Harry had already faced Voldemort and several times by then. He may have been able to do more about finding the Horcruxes at Hogwarts while he was still there.

So far only Kelly in NC had posted her answers. C'mon ladies. Leave me a comment here whenyou have posted and I will link to your post.

Thursday, August 16

It's not so bad!


That is what we tell Leah to say every time she tries something she didn't want to do, like slide down a water slide or get her hair washed. So I think giving birth this time around qualifies as something I didn't "want" to do. Not that I didn't want to do it, you know. But I didn't want to go through childbirth and the aftermath. I was SO not looking forward to it. Let me tell you, it was/is a breeze compared to the first time around. Not that I had it so bad with Leah. But comparatively, it is just so different.

1. My hospital experience was pleasant, my nurse was super attentive. I was her only patient the night Erin was born so she was with me all the time from the time she came on shift at 7pm. When Leah was born, I felt like I would buzz for a nurse and it would take forever for anyone to respond.

2. Erin actually slept in the nursery the second night and I got 7 hours of sleep! With Leah, they were too busy to take her in after bringing her to feed the first time.

3. There was a lactation consultant here and none in FL.

4. I did not need stitches, so the recovery of that part has been a breeze.It does not hurt to sit on hard chairs.

5. Breastfeeding hurts this time too, but I seem to remember it being excruciating last time. It took a whole month to feel okay. So far it's not so bad (my new motto).

It makes me want to do it all again... maybe someday. :)

Tuesday, August 14

We are home


We came home today at about 12:30, Erin was 36 hours old. Mike picked Leah up from school and my mom drove Erin and me home. When we pulled up in the driveway, they were standing there holding a sign that said Welcome Home Baby Erin and Mommy. I lost it and started bawling. My family is awesome! I will write more later after a nap. Erin is napping, Leah is napping, so must I.

Monday, August 13

My new baby girl


I cannot believe she is here! It was all so surreal. Things kept coming out of my mouth and I was like, I said that? Not inappropriate things, but I felt outside of myself somehow for much of the time. Her birth story is pretty simple once we arrived at the hospital. Labor was a total of 28 hours which is an improvement on Leah's 41 hours! Here it is:

We got here at 5pm and I was checked. Totally disappointed to hear I was only 3 cm and 50% effaced after the 2 previous days. (You can read that in other entries). I was thinking about walking a little bit before hooking up to the IV because I wanted to move things along, but the contractions seemed closer together and more painful than they were at home. So they IV'ed me and gave me a shot of Nubain to take the edge off until I was 4cm and could get my epidural. I had 2 nurses at the time, one who was new and training. She did the IV and I was super nervous about that, but no troubles there.

You read the post earlier about being loopy with the drug. That is an understatement. I was having a hard time seeing straight, but I could deal with the contractions. I got a new nurse at the shift change, her name was Joanne. I was her ONLY patient and she was AWESOME! At 7:30, just about when the shot was wearing off and I was pretty much in pain again, the news came that I was 4 cm and ready for the epidural. Mike had gone out to get food, so I had to call him and tell him to get back here and hold my hand for the scary part. Well, the epidural went completely smoothly. Dr. Menk (?) did a fantastic job and I was completely numb. It did worry me that I wouldn't be able to feel to push, but everything felt too good at the time to worry too much.

At 9:30, I was 5-6cm and 75% effaced. (It gets a little confused here because things started happening so fast.) At 10:30, she went to check again and my water had broken. I don't remember the dilation. At 11:15, she checked and said I was complete. The doctor was called and things got prepped. There were 2 issues. One: I could not feel to push and two: every time I turned to lay on my back, I got supine hypotension (technical term for low blood pressure due to laying on back) so I felt like I had to throw up. We tried pushing for a bit on my side before the doc came and it was not really working all that well. With every push though I got more feeling of pressure back and could tell when to push. The epidural was actually wearing off because the syringe of meds if only for four hours. No pain though, only pressure. Finally I decided to suck it up and lay on my back.

I gave one test push and they shouted STOP. Erin was practically flying out and the doc wasn't back yet. So he arrived and we began pushing for real. After maybe 2 pushed her head was out and 2 more after that, she was all the way out at 12:27am on August 13th. As she laid on my chest there was no crying for the longest time and she was getting purpleish. I kept saying she isn't breathing yet and they sand it's okay. Eventually with a little encouragement, she began screaming. Mike got to actually cut the cord this time (he didn't with Leah) but we have no pics of it because he was the photographer and had to put the cameras down to do it. I got a really good look at her before they whisked her off to the warmer. I was so happy that everything went well, but still not convinced that this little girl was mine to keep. Anyway, NO TEARS this time thus no stitches. That was excellent to hear.

After clean-up all around, they brought her to me and we nursed for quite a while on both sides. I was extremely happy about that. She was passed to Mike and then to my mom. I forgot to mention that she made it up right when my nurse paged the doc because I was complete. So just in the nick of time. After I was able to get up ad use the bathroom, Erin had her first bath. We finally were left alone to sleep some at 3am.

Erin has been with us the whole time. She would not wake up to feed when I changed her poopy diaper at 6am so we are going to try again here soon. Lots of tired love to all and thanks for checking on us to often. We are over the moon with this new little life and can't wait to introduce her to Leah later this morning. Pictures of that will follow in the next post.

PS More pictures are on the camera but have not been uploaded to the computer yet. I can add more pics to this post of bathtime and nursing time when they arrive.



Welcome Erin Audrey Gallers. Born August 13, 2007 12:27 am. 7lbs 4oz. 20 inches.


Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Sunday, August 12

operation broken water is a success


Mike: Water is broken! ANg is between 6 and 7 cm dilated. water broke on its own. we're moving right along!

tales of an epidural


Mike: well, theres not really that many tales. or tails. but angelle is hooked up to one now. she was 4cm at last check (7:30) and the nurse just checked and shes about 5 cm now. She said its weird to touch your legs and only feel the sensation in your finger, not your leg. i guess the meds work pretty good. she is trying to take a snooze right now. thats about all the updates. more to come.

At the hospital...


We are here! I was admitted at about 5pm. When checked I was 3cm and 50% effaced and baby is at -2 station. I can't have my epidural until I am 4cm, which thankfully is not that far away. I was able to get a shot of Nubain in my IV to take the edge off the pain and it is a LIFESAVER. I totally feel loopy and sleepy and have to keep correcting my typing because it's hard to see all that straight. But the contractions are totally bearable and I have been doing this visualization thing that they swell and recede. It really works pretty well. I am quite content at the moment.

Doctor wants me checked again at 7:30 to see if I am ready for that epidural. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Off to walk around Lowe's


So here's the deal. We are gonna go shop at Lowe's while Leah is napping (thank goodness for my mom coming last night). Hopefully the walking will put the C's closer together like it has done. Then I am going to come home and shower and we are gonna go to the hospital around 4ish or so. I don't care anymore, they ARE going to check me. Either they will send me home with something to help me rest tonight if I am not admitted. If I am admitted, all the better, because hopefully I will get the epidural and either rest or get pitocin to ramp things up and maybe have a baby tonight.

We really are nerds


We decided to chart my time between contractions to see the trend. They are getting closer together on the whole, but NOT FAST ENOUGH!! Can you believe I have had almost 100 contractions since last night at 8pm? I am OVER this!

A repeat of Leah's birth


So here it is, 8am, and they are no closer together than they were ALL night. In fact since 7am, they have spaced out back to about 15 minutes. Maybe it's because I was able to doze a teeny bit between. I was having dreams about tracking devices. The contractions are tracking me, I can't escape them! So we are off to walk the neighborhood and get some doughnuts. Maybe a good walk will kick start them again. My body does not want to let babies go. Is that a sign of how I will act when they leave for college?

I doubt anyone else is awake...


but I am! Contractions had been coming anywhere from 7-15 minutes apart from 8pm until 11pm. BUT for the last 2 hours they have been 10 minutes or less. There is no sleeping for me tonight. Mike is on his way home from the airport with my mom. So glad she is almost here. One of my main concerns about this baby coming was what to do about Leah. At least now I know my mom is here and will take care of her without a lot of disruption to her schedule.

Update: The last couple of contractions have been 6 minutes apart! The doctor said to come in when they are 4-5 minutes for a half hour. It may soon be time!

Saturday, August 11

Book Tour #3 Questions (Harry Potter)


I am posting these now so I don't forget. Ladies please post your answers sometime this week on your own blog. We will all run around next weekend and check out the answers!

1. J.K. Rowling demonstrates an impressive ability to integrate symbolism throughout her books. Even in her epilogue, James and Albus Severus, Potter's children, continue the teasing/taunting relationship that is indicative of the people for whom they were named. Therefore, in keeping with the theme of symbolism, if you were a character in Harry Potter, what animal would be your patronus and why?

2. In the most recent book, Harry discovers the weaknesses or faults of his role model Dumbledore. In one of the previous books, he discovered the faults of his father. Describe a time when either you discovered that one of your adult role models wasn't perfect or when your child discovered that you had weaknesses too.

3. If faced with certain death, would you walk into the situation to save the ones you love - knowing there was no time for goodbyes?

4. What do you think Bellatrix Lestrange's relationship was with Voldemort?

5. Harry named his son after Snape. Do you think Harry should have forgiven Snape after all he had done? Do you think it was appropriate to name his child after Snape?

6. Do you think Dumbledore should have revealed all of the facts to Harry earlier? If so, at what point was he ready to hear everything?

7. I can’t help but look at everything through Mother’s Eyes. I was so moved by Molly Weasley’s jumping in to fight Bellatrix to defend her daughter. I think that sort of action just comes naturally to mothers. Is there something you have done that you attribute to the “Mother Instinct”?

pregnancy due date

Contractions... is this it?


So I have been having contractions (real painful ones, not just tightening) since about noon today. At least that's when I began somewhat timing them. They have been fairly consistent at 20 or so minutes apart. I have had a few periods where there are none, so that makes me second guess myself. But I woke up this morning feeling different, so I truly think we will have a baby by Monday at the latest. What I am really hoping for is a baby tomorrow. I will update if/when we leave for the hospital!

Oh another thing, I always say my labor with Leah was 41 hours because I began with contractions like this, 20 or so minutes apart, Sunday night at 8pm and she wasn't born until Tuesday at 1:30pm. At what point do you consider that labor begins? Did I really have a 41 hour labor, because that seems insane. I was only 3cm when I got to the hospital at 11pm on Monday night. (Just had to pause for a contraction at 8:06pm) So do I count labor as begun with this one at noon? I guess if I go to the hospital and they send me home, it counts as false labor. They almost sent me home with Leah because the contractions weren't regular enough, but then they took pity and let me have the epidural so I could get SOME sleep.

I am doubting there will be much sleep tonight, especially since my mom's plane arrives at midnight. I am so happy she is coming I cannot tell you. Here's hoping that I update sometime tonight that we are going to the hospital!

pregnancy due date

Pain in my chest?


So I don't know what this pain in my chest is all about. I think it is gas pushed up so high because it has nowhere else to go. But it is keeping me from sleeping tonight which sucks because I am actually tired and could fall asleep easily. So here I am playing around. I was able to find links to some of my favorite So You Think You an Dance moments. I am totally addicted to that show. The other night our cable was out and I was TERRIFIED that it wouldn't come back on in time for me to watch the top 6 perform. Anyway, my absolute fav...

Ivan & Allison

There was another one I love but it was just this past week so it's not up yet that I can see. I totally want to be these people. They have amazing bodies and are able to convey so many emotions through movement. I wish I had danced for longer...

pregnancy due date

Friday, August 10

My new look


Mike did this last night while I was sleeping. What does everyone think? Is it too bright? Should we tone it down with some other colors too?

pregnancy due date

Thursday, August 9

Breathe easy, baby


Last night was no fun for my poor baby Leah. I put her to bed around 7pm (Mike was wakeboarding) thinking that I would get some prime scrapbooking time in. At 8 she was still awake, snuffling. I guess she is coming down with a cold or something (preschool strikes already). But eventually she feel asleep. At 10pm she woke up crying and coughing a harsh almost asthma like cough.

I of course jumped immediately to croup. The last time I suspected croup though, when she was a year or so, it was not the case. I have read that when they can't breathe, taking a little walk in the cool night air will help. Unfortunately here in NC, the temp was 90 at 10pm! Where are we, Florida?

So we went into the bathroom to turn on a hot shower and create lots of steam. I was not looking forward to that as a hugely pregnant woman in July. I was holding Leah on top of my belly while she was crying and coughing trying to get the shower curtain into the tub so the water didn't run all over the floor. Everything on the sides of the tub was flying around, banging the tub which made Leah cry harder because it was so loud. I finally got it all set up and we sat on the toilet for like 25 minutes. I was DYING of heat and Leah was squirming all over my belly.

After a little bit, she stopped crying and was breathing better. I had her sit on the floor in the bathroom while I got her humidifier all set up in her room. Then we went downstairs to chill out while the humidifier did its job and to wait for Daddy (he was almost home by then). She went right to sleep after that and slept until 6:15am, thank goodness.

She is still very stuffy today and her voice was very hoarse when I picked her up from school. I think she overdid the talking there. There is another little girl there named Leah and and our girl said "I want to hug my neighbor, my other Leah," the whole way to school. How adorable it that?!?

PS I now have cankles. My feet are soooo swollen. Come out, baby Erin!

pregnancy due date

Wednesday, August 8

Harry Potter question


Who else read it? C'mon, email me a question! Mom, Christine, (I know Laurie is out of town or else she would do it). I will get Mike to submit a question this time too. Due on Friday!

pregnancy due date

Tuesday, August 7

No news is... no news


Apparently Erin is VERY happy in there, as was her big sister, because as of this morning, there has been no change from 2 weeks ago. The doc said that at my appt next Monday morning, he will strip my membranes to see if we can get something going. I am NOT looking forward to that (with Leah it was pretty painful), but I am if you know what I mean. I had it done on a Thursday or Friday with Leah and started with contractions on Sunday night. So either way it will probably still be at least until early to mid-week next week.

pregnancy due date

Monday, August 6

No, Erin is not here yet...


I know that is what you all care about. Now onto my blog entry...

Yesterday we went to Cane Creek Park. It was so much fun. It is situated on a trophy bass lake. For a small fee, you can swim in the lake off of their "beach." I have NO pictures because I was playing in the water the whole time with them and it was too much work to dry off and get the camera. Anyway, the only time Leah has been to the beach (besides when she was a baby) was this past Memorial Day when we went to Ft. Lauderdale. The waves were HUGE and the water was chilly so she wasn't able to play in it. This time the water was practically bath temperature (I wished it was a bit cooler, it has been horrifically hot here). Leah had a ball! She was sad that we didn't bring beach toys but we didn't really think about it being real sand to play in. Even so, we made birthday cakes, buried rocks, and Mike sculpted us a mini-dolphin. It was such a good time. Further into the park there is a rock wall you can climb. Mike held Leah's feet to make sure they didn't slip off the rocks and she climbed all the way up to the top! Now if only we can get her to stop falling so much when she runs...

Also I have a complaint. Companies who set appts with you to come to your house should tell you upfront how long past the appt time they anticipate coming. Because someone was supposed to be at my house at noon today to fix the nail pops in the drywall but he didn't show up until 1pm. What if I had to be somewhere? I was madder about this and had a whole post planned, but then the guy was really nice and finished up in like 25 minutes so I am over it now.

REMINDER: Harry Potter questions are due to me by Friday. I have been trying to decide what question I want to go with all week!

pregnancy due date

Thursday, August 2

My little girl is all growns up


My little baby started school today! Now, granted, it is a 2 morning a week mother's day out program and not full-blown school, but it was WAY harder than I thought. I cried for like 20 minutes after I dropped her off. I like to attribute part of that to pregnancy. I was not like this when she went to day care full-time for goodness sake! But what I kept thinking that tore me up was that they would read stories and sing songs there that I wouldn't know. She would tell me about them but I wouldn't know them. How ridiculous is that?!?! I've always been the one to read to her and teach her songs, so I was sad that I was going to miss stuff.

Leah, on the other hand, was FABULOUS! When I was ready to leave her there this morning, I asked for a kiss. The little booger said "I don't want to kiss you, Mom." Just... like... that. The nerve! Then she ran off to play in the little kitchen. I called bye from the door and she said bye back. That is all I got.

When I picked her up, she was sitting at the little table with all of her school buddies eating lunch. To the right is an adorable lunch picture. They also glued together pieces of a sailboat and painted them today. They learned to sing about alligators and monkeys swinging in trees. They played on the swings. She was in heaven! I am so happy we decided to do this. I won't feel guilty when I can't do these things as often after Erin is born.

pregnancy due date

Wednesday, August 1

My dr appt on Monday


I forgot to update, but there was nothing really to report. I saw another doc in the practice just to meet him in case he is the one who delivers me. He looked at my blood pressure, weight, and fundal height measurement and said "Keep doing what you are doing." So that was it. Next appt Tuesday at 10:30. Baby Watch 2007 continues. Stay tuned.