Wednesday, September 10


I took Erin to a preview Gymboree class today. I never got around to taking Leah so didn't really know what to expect. It was lots of fun. She got to climb and sing and slide and hide and catch bubbles and play with about 10 other kids her age. I wish it was not so far away. AND was less expensive. With Leah's preschool and ballet, we can't afford Gymboree too. I hate the idea that Erin is getting shafted, but I guess Leah was not doing things at Erin's age either. Next fall Erin will probably start a part-time preschool, unless I go back to work.

Well, that's it for tonight.


Christina said...

That is too funny. Kaitlyn and I are taking a Gymboree preview class tomorrow. We can't afford it either, but I figured a free class would be fun.

Chelsi said...

Ethan absolutely loves Gymboree. It is very expensive - my in-laws gave E-bug 4 months of it as a birthday gift. That's the only way we can afford it :)