Tuesday, September 30

I salute you, Dr, Seuss

A while back we discovered this Dr. Seuss gem, On Beyond Zebra. Ronni had sent us a bunch of books that belonged to Mike as a kid. This was among them and I had actually never read it before. We fell in love on first read. The copy we had, being so old, was falling apart. I bought it new from Amazon and it arrived today. We have already read it twice and loved it even more each time. Dr. Seuss is such a master of rhyme and rhythm. There is NEVER a hitch in the meter, it flows so easily out loud. I LOVE that Leah is exposed to so many unusual rhymes. It came close to beating out The Sneetches for my favorite, but I love the lesson in that one too much. :) SO just a heads up for a good read.

On another book note, I brought the book Perfect by Judith McNaught with me to Leah's ballet class to read in between peeking in the door. I only got through the first 40 pages and I was BAWLING. The story begins with a heart-warming tale of a child whose life turns around by being adopted into a good family. Things centering around children affect me so much more now. So I am sure all the ladies in the hall thought I was a nut. I was sniffling and wiping my eyes and nose for like 10 minutes. I hope I can show my face there again. :)

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NaeNae said...

Interesting...especially the part about carmine. I'm running to the" frig" now - to check our Trix cherry yogurt (also a bright pink/red).