Monday, February 26

Weekend in Blowing Rock


This past weekend we picked up my in-laws, Ronni & Steve at the airport and headed up to Blowing Rock for the weekend. We checked in to the Chetola Resort and Conference Center around 2:30. Mike hit the Appalachain Ski area that evening while I lounged at the condo watching The Devil Wears Prada (so adorable) and Ronni & Steve checked out the pub. Saturday morning Mike took Leah swimming in the indoor pool while I attended a yoga class. (How cool that this resort has all this stuff!) The we drove over to downtown Blowing Rock (love the town) and walked around and had lunch. Leah napped in the afternoon late then we had dinner at this yummy Italian restaurant named Pssghetti's. I had Fettucini Con Pancetta E Piselli (with pancetta and peas in a romano cream sauce) which was fabulous. Mike & Steve skied that night at Appalachian again (Mike tried ski boards) and I watched Monster-in-Law. On Sunday the plan was to head up to Beech Mountain so that Leah and Ronni could play in the snow for a bit but it rained ALL day! So we drove into Charlotte and went to the science museum Discovery Place. Leah really loved it this time. The last time she was there she was just learning to walk. Now she was running all over the place exploring. We had a great time. Then we dropped Steve off at the airport and headed home. Ronni is here until next Saturday! Yay!


Monday, February 19

Weekend Update


Well I had the most exhausting weekend. I flew to Jacksonville Friday morning. Saturday at noon I hosted a bridal shower for my friend and maid-of-honor Mandi. It went really well, but I was running around all morning getting ready for it. Then that afternoon we drove to Orlando for the bachelorette party. It took us 4 hours to get there! So we got there, ate pizza and got ready for the night. We left the hotel at about 11 for Pleasure Island! I haven't stayed up that late in over 2 years! It was as fun as can be for a pregnant non-drinker at a bunch of clubs. Mandi had a blast though. The fun began getting home. We were trying to get into our hotel room and the key wouldn't work. So I called information to get the hotel's phone number and the hotel has no record of our room! Finally we realize that we are at the wrong hotel! This is at 3am. The front desk threatened to call the cops because the drunk girls were banging on the door of the room we thought was ours. Turns out there are 2 Howard Johnsons within a half-mile of each other on the same road. What drama! The next morning we drove back to Jacksonville and from there I flew home Sunday night. I was so dead, I practically passed out in bed. I am NOT used to partying like that, even without drinking.

Today I had a doctor appointment with the new OB. I really like the office, the nurses (so far) and the doctor himself. He did not make me feel rushed at all and was very accomodating as far as scheduling blood work and such. We listened to the baby's heartbeat. It was a strong 154 bpm. He also taught me how to feel the top of my uterus so I can feel myself grow. The biggest news out of the appointment is that my ultrasound/sex determination is scheduled for March 14th at 2pm. I can't wait! I hope so much that the baby cooperates.

I forgot to tell about our Valentine's Day gift. Mike made us a cake! We woke up that morning and we had cake for breakfast. Mike always comes with the most creative ways to celebrate things. I love that about him.

Leah is no longer sleeping in her crib. I guess it started last week. She asked for her big girl bed at bedtime instead of her "kib" and that was that. I had always hoped that she would get used to the big girl bed if we just left it in there and that's the way it worked. Knock on wood, things have been incredibly easy with her big girl transitions so far. We shall see what happens with potty training. :)


Friday, February 9

Another step toward big girl-dom


Leah no longer uses a pacifier for sleeping! I could not believe how it happened. I had anticipated it being tough when we finally decided she had to give it up. (Disclaimer: we had NOT decided this yet. We were not even trying to get rid of it.) One night before bed she did not ask for it and did not seem to notice it on her nightstand next to the crib. So we didn't offer. It took a while for her to fall asleep, she talked to herself for a long time. Throughout the night she would wake up and cry a bit. But we never went in and she never asked for her "nuk." This happened 3 nights ago. We put away the pacifiers and she has not looked back once. It hasn't even been an issue. And after that first night, she has not woken up crying once. I do notice that she talks to herself FOREVER now before falling asleep. But that is a small price to pay to the "Nuk"ie gods. :)

On another note, I have decided to change obstetricians. I really want to deliver at Presbyterian Hospital in Matthews. It sounds more like Helen Ellis (where Leah was born) than the one I toured with Laurie. Remaining in the same room my entire stay and having enough room for visitors after the birth are more important to me than I realized. I guess I took it for granted last time. So I found an OB who delivers there through a co-worker who adores him. His office is in the hospital which is handy. :) She claims he does lots of ultrasounds! So my first appointment there is February 19th. Mike and I are both off work so he will probably come with me. We haven't decided whether to bring Leah. If I knew he was going to do an ultrasound, we might bring her. But I just don't know.


Friday, February 2

Snowfall here in NC!


We woke up yesterday morning to our house looking like this. We bundled up quickly, still in our PJs, and rushed outside to see what it was really like. The snowflakes were HUGE and falling fast. We got covered before we went back inside to change into real clothes and boots. When we got back outside, our neighbors had all turned out to play too. We love the fact that our closest friends live on our cul-de-sac. We never would have all gotten together to play in the snow had we not lived close like this. We made a snowman, threw snowballs, and tried to find something to slide on. We were all upset we did not buy a sled when we had the chance. After a while, it was breakfast and cuddle in front of the fire time. My school was closed and Mike worked from home so he could play every once in a while too. That afternoon, Leah and I used our painting easel to make a felt board (laid a large piece of felt over it and clipped it). Then I cut things from other pieces of felt and stuck them on there (felt sticks together). We made a boy and a girl and clothes for them. We made a rainbow, flowers, a cloud and a sun. She really had a ball putting them on and taking them off. I recommend felt boards for toddlers. :)

I forgot to update about my doctor's appt on Wednesday. There is a baby! They actually did do an ultrasound and we got pictures! In this one, the little hand is in front of the face. He said everything looks good and the due date is still August 17th even though the ultrasound did say I looked a few days further along. They don't change the due date unless they find out it is way off. It was so reassuring to see the baby. He/She actually moved and I saw the image on the screen jump. Mike was disappointed he didn't come, but we didn't know for sure about the ultrasound. The next appt is March 5 and they will take blood to screen for many things at that time. Then the NEXT appt is the big one, in-depth ultrasound and they will tell us the sex! I can't believe it is only 2 appts away. I AM still considering switching doctors. It just depends on what I think of the other hospital. We do the tour March 10th. Then I will have a better idea of what I want. Until then, I will just continue growing Baby Gallers to the best of my ability. :)