Thursday, August 23

Welcome Baby Corgan!

Congratulations to Keri and Keith on the arrival of Corgan Alexander Donald yesterday evening at 8:03pm! I was following the blog closely until I went to bed at 9pm with fever and chills.

Yes, folks, I have mastitis. The area is not all that painful, just a little tender. But the fever and chills gave it away. This morning my dr called in an antibiotic for me, so I will be back to normal shortly. Advil is also a miracle drug, it gave me relief throughout the night so I could actually sleep some.

On another note, Erin grunts SO loud in her sleep. It wakes me up, but she sleeps right through it. It sounds like an old man grunting to stand up. Also I am struggling with getting her to wake up enough to eat much. Usually I can only get her to eat on one side before she falls back to sleep. And sometimes she only eats for less than 10 minutes. How can she possibly be getting enough food? I think I will make an appt with the lactation room at my hospital for next week and get their opinion on the whole thing.

Best wishes to Keri & Keith on beginning this new phase of their family!


Kelly in NC said...

Mastitis is the pits. Hope you feel better soon. Can I stop by sometime next week? I am almost over my cold1

Nikki said...

What an appropriately named condition. Doesn't sound like fun though. Hope the antibiotics worked quickly for you!

Emily said...

I am so sorry about the mastitis.

Jackson used to snore - LOUD - until he was about one. It kept Addam up at night it was so bad. He grew out of it. I think Tucker grunted a little but he's a quiet sleeper.

Christina said...

Ughh...I hope you are feeling better!

Good luck with the feeding. Let us know how it goes with the lactation consultant.

Kristen said...

Good luck with the meeting! Addie was a very sleepy eater, too - I used to have to keep a cold wet washcloth to wake her up long enough to finish both sides!!

Hope you're back to 100% soon!

Keri Donald said...

How are you feeling now? I hope you're better!

And thank you for the welcome message for Corgan! We can't wait to get the new kids together!

Cindy said...

Claire squeaks and grunts in her sleep also. My husband say she sounds like a velociraptor :-)

Hope the mastitis gets better. Taking lecithin really helped me to stop getting plugged ducts. You can buy it at the drugstore on the vitamin aisle.