Sunday, August 12

Off to walk around Lowe's

So here's the deal. We are gonna go shop at Lowe's while Leah is napping (thank goodness for my mom coming last night). Hopefully the walking will put the C's closer together like it has done. Then I am going to come home and shower and we are gonna go to the hospital around 4ish or so. I don't care anymore, they ARE going to check me. Either they will send me home with something to help me rest tonight if I am not admitted. If I am admitted, all the better, because hopefully I will get the epidural and either rest or get pitocin to ramp things up and maybe have a baby tonight.


Rhiannon said...

I hope the walking works!! I hope they let you stay at the hospital. Good luck!!

Jacqueline said...

YEAH!!! Guess what - today is my b-day and a perfect day for a beautiful little girl to see her mommy, daddy, and big sis. Good Luck and I hope everything goes as EASY as possible. Shooting for the 12th!!!!

Nikki said...

Man, it must be really comfy in that uterus of yours! :)