Sunday, August 19

So much to tell

Things here are going pretty well. Erin is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time at night. Breastfeeding is finally getting easier. It only took a week this time, when it took a whole month with Leah. I am relieved because I was terrified of going through that pain for an entire month. So onward and upward.

Yesterday we took the girls and went to Dave & Buster's for Bryan's birthday. I know many people think we are crazy for taking a newborn out. But we are not the type to sit around and we want to start off how we mean to go on. She slept almost the entire time we were gone. I nursed her there sitting on the floor of the bowling alley. I used Keri's present, a L'oved Baby nursing shawl. Erin is just learning and I really have to watch to get her situated. So I had to have my mom hold the shawl out so I could see in. It was really dark in the shawl so it was kind of a comedy getting all set up. It worked well once we got latched on. So I am looking forward to more opportunities to learn how to use it.

Tonight we bathed the girls together. My mom was nervous about it but it went fine. We put Erin's bath mat in the big tub and tried to keep Leah from splashing so much. She did well. We dressed them together in Leah's room and read them stories together. We got Leah a reading chair today and it looks so cute in her room. Anyway it was so much fun doing those things as a family.

I will leave you with a few pics of the sisters.


Laurie said...

If you put the entire baby tub inside the garden tub in the master bathroom, then there is enough room to bathe a toddler along side the infant tub :)

It might be easier than trying to keep Erin from drowning on the mat. That's what I do with the boys. Just a thought :)

Keri Donald said...

The sisters are so cute together! Leah seems to have really embraced her new Big Sister role!

Glad you like the shawl. And kudos to you for being able to use it so early! Glad to hear that breastfeeding is going so much better the second time around... I was dreading the month of "figuring it out" too... hopefully we're as lucky as you have been!

Nikki said...

I love the sisters pics. They look so cute together!

Christina said...

The sister pictures are adorable! Leah looks like she is doing really well!

I'm with Keri on the "figuring it out" part also! Hopefully we are all as lucky as you.

NaeNae said...

The shawl looks like a cool invention! And I love the sister pics too!

Rhiannon said...

Great pics!! Glad things are going so well!

Jacqueline said...

We also put the baby tub in our tub with my 6 year old and it worked out fine. They both loved it. They have been bathing together for 16 months now every night. It is really a special time between the two. Especially seeing how much they have changed.

Love teh pic's.

Cindy said...

That shawl is cool! I think I am going to order one for myself.