Sunday, August 12

I doubt anyone else is awake...

but I am! Contractions had been coming anywhere from 7-15 minutes apart from 8pm until 11pm. BUT for the last 2 hours they have been 10 minutes or less. There is no sleeping for me tonight. Mike is on his way home from the airport with my mom. So glad she is almost here. One of my main concerns about this baby coming was what to do about Leah. At least now I know my mom is here and will take care of her without a lot of disruption to her schedule.

Update: The last couple of contractions have been 6 minutes apart! The doctor said to come in when they are 4-5 minutes for a half hour. It may soon be time!


Keri Donald said...

I'm awake!!! Can't wait to hear the news!!! I'm sure having your mom there will really ease your fears. I'm a bit nervous about that part too, but knowing that your mom is there watching your baby always makes you feel much better; huh?

I've been having minor contractions, but there doesn't seem to be any rhythm or consistency to them, so I'm not expecting anything too soon. Between you, me, and my sister, this could be the week for baby-havin'; huh?

BTW, you got my hopes up with that last book-related post. Don't do that to me again! ;)

Christeeny said...

it's 7:59am now... any news? :-D