Friday, August 17

Harry Potter Answers - POST DAY

1. J.K. Rowling demonstrates an impressive ability to integrate symbolism throughout her books. Even in her epilogue, James and Albus Severus, Potter's children, continue the teasing/taunting relationship that is indicative of the people for whom they were named. Therefore, in keeping with the theme of symbolism, if you were a character in Harry Potter, what animal would be your patronus and why? This is a tough one. Right now my patronus would be a female kangaroo because I have my baby in my pouch often now. :) (Hey, they said your patronus could change with the circumstances of your life.)

4. What do you think Bellatrix Lestrange's relationship was with Voldemort? I do not think Voldemort thought of her in any way other than an especially powerful minion. He took advantage of the fact that she had feelings for him. He was able to give her certain jobs because of her certain loyalty, but I think he knew she was crazy and was always a little careful not to let her in too far.

6. Do you think Dumbledore should have revealed all of the facts to Harry earlier? If so, at what point was he ready to hear everything? Even after reading all of the books, I still find myself irritated that Dumbledore waited so long to tell Harry everything (first the Horcruxes, then the Deathly Hallows). I think after hearing the prophecy would have been a good time to reveal the whole story. Harry had already faced Voldemort and several times by then. He may have been able to do more about finding the Horcruxes at Hogwarts while he was still there.

So far only Kelly in NC had posted her answers. C'mon ladies. Leave me a comment here whenyou have posted and I will link to your post.


Tiffanyrose said...

Question 1: I thinkk that I would be an octopus. I am constantly pulled in so many directions that I feel as though I ought to have several more arms. How wonderful would that be to conjur up an octopus and let them help me. Plus in battles they would kick butt because of their multiple appendages!!

Question 2: I do not think that Voldermort had romantically linked feelings for Bellatrix. I believe that she meant more to him than even he ralized from his reaction to her death though. I believe though that Bellatrix in her craziness misinterprets Voldermorts responsabilities and power he givs her as something more.

Question 3: I agree with Angelle on this one. Alhough I wonder if Harry would have been as determied to find all the Horcrux's and eager to defeat Voldermort if he knew his demise was inevitable. I think he eventually would have but not as quickly as he did. I do think that Dumbledore should have revealed to Harry about the Deathly Hollows though. There was really no reason in my mind not too. Also about his family. I think that Harry would have gained stringth knowing his mentor had so much in common with him.

Angelle Gallers said...

This is from Cathy Neel.
Question 1: My patronus would be a tiger. I've become a lot stronger and determined in the last few years. I also think of myself as more self sufficient.

Question 6: I do believe Dumbledore should have revealed all to Harry in the middle of book 6. He had a long journey ahead of him and needed all the help he could get.

Kelly in NC said...

I was begining to wonder if anyone else would post!