Thursday, August 2

My little girl is all growns up

My little baby started school today! Now, granted, it is a 2 morning a week mother's day out program and not full-blown school, but it was WAY harder than I thought. I cried for like 20 minutes after I dropped her off. I like to attribute part of that to pregnancy. I was not like this when she went to day care full-time for goodness sake! But what I kept thinking that tore me up was that they would read stories and sing songs there that I wouldn't know. She would tell me about them but I wouldn't know them. How ridiculous is that?!?! I've always been the one to read to her and teach her songs, so I was sad that I was going to miss stuff.

Leah, on the other hand, was FABULOUS! When I was ready to leave her there this morning, I asked for a kiss. The little booger said "I don't want to kiss you, Mom." Just... like... that. The nerve! Then she ran off to play in the little kitchen. I called bye from the door and she said bye back. That is all I got.

When I picked her up, she was sitting at the little table with all of her school buddies eating lunch. To the right is an adorable lunch picture. They also glued together pieces of a sailboat and painted them today. They learned to sing about alligators and monkeys swinging in trees. They played on the swings. She was in heaven! I am so happy we decided to do this. I won't feel guilty when I can't do these things as often after Erin is born.

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Brittany Love said...

That pic of her with her school bag on is so CUTE!

stacy said...

glad to hear she enjoyed it. this morning landon stood by the door pointing that he was ready to go to school. mind you it was an hour before we usually take him...we're like...are we that bad? lol..guess he just likes playing w/ friends.

Keri Donald said...

She's so freakin' adorable! What a big girl... hard to believe! I probably would've reacted the same way with the crying... I think about stuff that way too! Our babies are growing up so fast!

Christina said...

I still hate taking Zach to daycare for that reason. Joe usually drops him off so if I have to take him it usually makes my eyes swell up to drop him off.

I love the pic with the backpack also. Leah is so smart...she'll teach you all of the songs!

Kristen said...

Leah is SO adorable! Addie goes to daycare, which I'm okay with most of the time, until I start singing a song (like the Wheels on the Bus) and realize they've taught her all the hand motions at school! Exciting, but a little sad, too, that *I* wasn't the one to teach her those things. :(

Best of luck in the next few weeks with Erin! I'll be thinking about you!

Kelly in NC said...

Love the photo of Leah outside her school. You can blame the tears on pregnancy hormones...but I think it might be motherhood too!