Saturday, August 11

Book Tour #3 Questions (Harry Potter)

I am posting these now so I don't forget. Ladies please post your answers sometime this week on your own blog. We will all run around next weekend and check out the answers!

1. J.K. Rowling demonstrates an impressive ability to integrate symbolism throughout her books. Even in her epilogue, James and Albus Severus, Potter's children, continue the teasing/taunting relationship that is indicative of the people for whom they were named. Therefore, in keeping with the theme of symbolism, if you were a character in Harry Potter, what animal would be your patronus and why?

2. In the most recent book, Harry discovers the weaknesses or faults of his role model Dumbledore. In one of the previous books, he discovered the faults of his father. Describe a time when either you discovered that one of your adult role models wasn't perfect or when your child discovered that you had weaknesses too.

3. If faced with certain death, would you walk into the situation to save the ones you love - knowing there was no time for goodbyes?

4. What do you think Bellatrix Lestrange's relationship was with Voldemort?

5. Harry named his son after Snape. Do you think Harry should have forgiven Snape after all he had done? Do you think it was appropriate to name his child after Snape?

6. Do you think Dumbledore should have revealed all of the facts to Harry earlier? If so, at what point was he ready to hear everything?

7. I can’t help but look at everything through Mother’s Eyes. I was so moved by Molly Weasley’s jumping in to fight Bellatrix to defend her daughter. I think that sort of action just comes naturally to mothers. Is there something you have done that you attribute to the “Mother Instinct”?

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