Tuesday, August 7

No news is... no news

Apparently Erin is VERY happy in there, as was her big sister, because as of this morning, there has been no change from 2 weeks ago. The doc said that at my appt next Monday morning, he will strip my membranes to see if we can get something going. I am NOT looking forward to that (with Leah it was pretty painful), but I am if you know what I mean. I had it done on a Thursday or Friday with Leah and started with contractions on Sunday night. So either way it will probably still be at least until early to mid-week next week.

pregnancy due date


stacy said...

yay, at least if erin waits aunt stacy can be there to welcome her here. did they say you can take tylenol or something before they strip you? i remember it being uncomfortable as well...can't wait to see you all

Christina said...

Wow...just the sound of that is uncomfortable. I was wiggling in my chair just thinking about it. It is funny all the terms I get to hear this time :-)

Nikki said...

I still can't believe Erin is almost here!