Thursday, May 1

No means No

For the first time Erin responded to the word "no." We were all playing puzzles together and she started trying to chew on a piece of it. The first time I just said "No" firmly and pushed her hand away from her face. When I did it the second time, her face crumpled and her lower lip stuck out. Waaaahhhhhh! It was so cute I started cracking up.

In other news, when Mike's mom came to visit, she brought some old issues of Mailbox magazine. I LOVED that magazine when I was teaching. It always had such great ideas. It comes in different age levels and they have a preschool one. So I was looking at the April/May issue and there were bulletin board ideas. I haven't made a bulletin board in YEARS! So I got all excited. I bought a cork board and put it up in the playroom. Today I had the kids over and we made sombreros in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I cut out "Celebrate Cinco de Mayo" on my Cricut. Tonight I put everything up on the board and it looks so cute!

PS I just remembered that today I found a hard-boiled egg from Easter in Erin's toy box in the living room. It was DISGUSTING!


Keri Donald said...

Cute and cute!

Tiffanyrose said...

Oh No!! About the egg I mean. Was it all stinkyy and rotten and awful?!! The board looks so cute! Thanks for letting the girls participate! They adore you guys!!!

Chelsi said...

Ha ha... Ethan started understanding it about a month ago and we got the same lower lip reaction :) Love the bulletin board - so creative!

Mandi said...

Very Cute! And Ew, Gross on the egg. From now on: Hard Boiled Eggs are for decorating and eating - not hiding! :)