Sunday, May 4

Leah's a jumper!

I am excited to report that Leah was jumping in the pool today! We went to the gym to their indoor pool. For the first time since she was very little, Leah wore her floaty swimsuit. When we were walking into the pool she did her usual routine of clinging to my leg and claiming she was done swimming. She held on for dear life for the first 20 minutes or so. Then I convinced her that it would be okay to try to float on her back. She used to be okay with doing that when she took swim lessons almost 2 yrs ago, but not since then. She successfully floated on her back with me holding her head and back. I kept trying to slowly take the hand on her back away. She was mostly floating on her own! She really liked it and kept asking to turn over when we practiced kicking.

Mike got her to jump to him when he was right next to the side. I think the floaty swimsuit gave her a little confidence. After quite few jumps, I had her "swim" while I held her tummy. Then I held onto the back of her suit. I was able to almost let her go when we were close to the side. She was jumping to me at the end. I was probably about 4 feet from the side. When I told her it was the last jump I let her go under a bit and I thought she would freak out. i figured we were leaving anyway so if she freaked it would be okay. SHE LOVED IT! She actually jumped that way a few more times before we left. Right after the last jump, she stood at the side of the pool and said "I have to pee pee," right before she went. And on that note we left. :)

PS My contacts are blurry and I am super tired so I apologize for any typos and the incoherency of this post.


Keri Donald said...

That's so great that Leah is outgrowing that fear! Fun times in the pool ahead!

Nikki said...

That's GREAT news!! Go Leah!