Thursday, May 15

Is she 2 already?

So Erin has a pretty bad diaper rash. Starting today, I am going to give her 3 baking soda baths a day and coat her with Desitin and Lotrimin (for possible yeast) often. Today in the bath, I handed Erin a cup of water. I thought she was going to maybe pour it out. She put it to her mouth and DRANK SOME. The first sip choked her a bit because I think the water was unexpected. The second sip was right on.

Leah would not drink from a cup until she was 2.

I have never given Erin a cup before. How did she know what to do?

I called Mike right away to tell him and he said, "Oh she's been doing that for a couple of weeks. I didn't think it was any big deal."

Well, then...

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Emily said...

I think younger children do some stuff quicker, from a combo of just watching big bro/sis and maybe just having things made available to them sooner. Tucker's like that too.