Thursday, May 22

My big 9 month old!

Inspired by Keri, I need to post about Erin.

I think she was signing "more" water here.

Erin is finally starting to roll a bit more. Often when I go to pick her up from a nap, she is on her belly looking up at me. If I give her my fingers, she will pull herself up to standing. The peed is not worried, she said Erin is probably just content doing what she is doing (AKA lazy).

Now, this kid can EAT! She eats so much more than Leah did at this age. She weighed in at 19lbs 15 and a quarter ounces (90%) but was only 26 1/2 in (10%). Leah weighed 8 ounces less at this age, but then she didn't gain ANY weight between 9 and 12 months. She practically stopped eating. I don't see Erin doing that any time soon. Today for lunch she downed a quarter of a turkey and cheese sandwich and a carton of Yo-Baby yogurt and still snacked on some goldfish.

Yesterday we were eating lunch and Erin's unfinished bottle was on the table. She looked at it and signed "milk!" It was the first time she made a sign completely on her own in context. That was very cool.

Erin LOVES her big sister. Nothing makes her laugh quite like Leah talking gibberish. They crack each other up in the car. Leah is always shouting, "Mom, Erin is smiling at me!" I love how close they are even though Erin is still a baby. Leah always wants to be the one to get Erin up from a nap. She climbs into the crib and helps Erin sit up. Then they wait for me to come get them out.

When Erin lays down to sleep, I give her her blankie. She always immediately pulls it across her face. She likes to fall asleep with a blanket over her face (I know, safe, right?).

Things Erin hates: getting her face wiped, seeing a bottle but not drinking it, having a diaper rash

Things Erin loves: taking a bath, her sister, eating, reading books before nap or bedtime, swinging

She lights up my life!!!


Keri Donald said...

Isn't it so crazy how the kids can have such an age difference (well, one that seems big now, but will seem like nothing soon), yet they can play together so well already!?

The story about Leah crawling in Erin's crib is so sweet! I used to do that with my little sister (almost 3 years younger) too and I still remember it!

NaeNae said...

Kellynn liked to pull her blanket up over her face as a baby, too. Short of taking away the blanket, I couldn't keep it out of her face when sleeping.