Wednesday, May 14

Stiff... leg?

Not to leave my Er-bear out. :)

That child LOVES to stand now. She will grab my fingers and hold on while I pull her to standing. She likes it when I do that in her crib and she can hold on to the rail. But she WILL NOT BEND HER KNEES. I keep trying to get her to take steps while I am holding her hands, but she will fall over forwards before bending her legs. Even in the Johnny Jump-Up (the thing that hangs from the door frame and kids can bounce in it), she will stay almost stiff-legged and and just kinda spin around on one toe (future ballerina? no, those silly plies will get in the way).

What's up with that?

PS She is waving hi now and laughing a whole lot more, especially at Leah.


Keri Donald said...

It's SO fun to see the kids interacting with one another; isn't it!?

Has Erin already had her 9 month appointment? Maybe just mention the leg thing to him/her then and see what they say. I'm sure she's fine though. Does she bend her knees to crawl or when laying on her back?

Angelle said...

She doesn't crawl, but she does bend her legs when she is sitting or to grab her toes. So I don't think it is anything abnormal. I just think it might delay her walking.