Tuesday, April 29


No, not computer hacking, hacking up a lung. We got back from Durham on Sunday evening and ever since I have been coughing like crazy! My chest is all congested and it is SO gross. So, ugh, I am sick again. I am thinking about going to the doctor tomorrow to see if I should be concerned about the lung issues. I must have run my body down last week in FL. We did A LOT.

Also I am back at Weight Watchers. I went yesterday and I had gained 3 lbs since I was last there 6 weeks ago. I really want to have a decent swimsuit body this summer and I could not find a suit to camouflage the breastline to mid-thigh area. So I am working on being ready for the pool when it opens on Memorial Day weekend.

Otherwise not much else going on here. Same old life. Will let you know if something interesting happens. I will leave you with a Leahism:

We are driving to my mom's for the first time this week.
Leah: Grammy, do you have chalk in your garage?
Mom: No, sweetie, I don't have a garage.
Leah: Where do you park your car?
Mom: I have a covered area where I can park. (My mom has a condo)
Leah thinks about this a few minutes.
Leah: Do you have a bathroom or do I have to go in the woods?

I guess if you don't have a garage, the chances are slim that there is a bathroom.


Keri Donald said...

Leah is just too smart!!!

Hope you feel better soon! It's tough being sick and being a mommy at the same time.

Nikki said...

The Leahism is awesome. So clever! :)

Good luck with WW! And feel better soon!

plastic please said...

OMG! That is the funniest Leah-ism ever. I LOVE the way kids think!

Chelsi said...

The Leahism is absolutely hilarious! Hope you feel better soon.

Kelly in NC said...

Leah is so funny. Isn't it interesting the way thier little minds work?
Hope you feel better soon!

Princess Ang-hamin said...

Love the Leahism, that's too cute. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love connecting with new people that way. Sorry about being sick, that sucks. I've got an online mommy club that is supposed to be helping to come up with suggestions to beat "the funk", so stay tuned... ;)

Oh, and your girls are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get well soon! Leah's hilarious - isn't it funny how kids think?

Brittany said...

Hahahaha! I love her so much, and I think it's awesome that you are writing all this down because later in life she is going to find herself amusing!

Also, I love Erin's 8 month picture!