Sunday, May 11

My Three Mothers

Today I would like to thank the three women who are responsible for the kind of mother I am today. Each of them has taught me something invaluable that I carry with me every day.

Mom - You have taught me about unconditional love. I feel it from you ALL the time and I see it when you look at Lauren and Carly. I am able to share that unconditional love with my daughters because you shared it with me always.

Myrn - You have taught me about patience. I hear it when you talk about the kids you work with and I have seen it when you have spoken about Zac and Brittany. I try to emulate that patience with my girls. I feel a serenity in you that I would like to have in my own life. I hope that I can learn more about how you achieve that as time goes on.

Ronni - You have taught me about thoughtfulness. I see it whenever you call to tell me you listened to something I said and found the perfect "thing" to go with it. You are always thinking of your loved ones and trying to help with whatever they need. I would like to always be thoughtful of others and be considerate of their desires.

My three moms, I salute you today. These are only a VERY few of the things I have learned from you. I look forward to many more years of sharing and learning.


Myrn said...

You have taught me about living life to the fullest and enjoying whatever comes along. Your outlook on life is an inspiration to me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

Brittany said...

Okay y'all have to stop...I'm starting to tear up!