Sunday, May 11

Strawberry Fields Forever

I had to steal Tiffany's blog title because it was so appropriate.

We went strawberry picking with the Maddexes and the Larsens yesterday morning and the kids had a blast.

Mike wore Erin around and she did a great job.

Leah did pretty well picking out the ripe ones.

Chase did a great job in the backpack.

The crew

I made homemade strawberry ice cream for our Diez do Mayo celebration along with Erica's cinnamon tortilla chips. Then I cut up the rest of strawberries and put them in the freezer for future milkshakes/smoothies. YUM!

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Mandi said...

YUM!!! And the mens look chill with their babies strapped to them. Well, Mike does. Bryan looks kinda gay with that hat. :)