Monday, May 26

Memorial Day weekend in review

Our weekend was exhausting but lots of fun. It began Saturday morning. Leah and I went to Kenna & Andy's dance recital. The theme was Under the Big Top and all the acts were circus-related. The girls did a GREAT job. I got so giddy thinking about Leah possibly being in a recital next year. The kids were SO adorable! In the lobby they had carnival-like games. Leah & Ian loved the popcorn and lollipops.

Saturday night I made black bean, corn, and avocado salsa and pepper jack and spinach quesadillas that were all freaking delicious! Arielle (who took Leah's bday pics) and her boyfriend John were staying the night so Bryan and Laurie brought the kids to sleep over so we could play games. Ian & Leah proceeded to play in Leah's room until at least 9pm. So much for the sleeping part. We drank chocolate martinis (thanks, L) and played a very rowdy game of Loaded Questions. Fun was had by all.

Leah woke up Sunday morning to Ian in her trundle bed. She was super excited to see him there. They got up and Mike made them waffles, which they ate in the playroom dressed as princesses. We played outside a LOT in the AM and went to the water park for the first time this season that afternoon. The water was pretty freezing, I did not get in more than sitting in the very shallow end to let Erin splash.

She sat on my lap and put her feet in because I did not want her rash in the water. I don't know how chlorine would affect it but I didn't want to take any chances. Leah had a ball!

She went down the slide with Daddy and jumped in MANY times. Once she went completely under for a few seconds and she cried. But within minutes she was right back to jumping. She has come SO far! I am so proud of her.

Today we headed to McAlpine Creek Park for a picnic and bike-riding. On the way there we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy child carriers for the back of our bikes. They took FOREVER to assemble but the girls were really good. We got them loaded up and took off on the trails.

It was lots of fun and we will be bike-riding much more often now that we have these carriers. (Mike's pic was taken later at home. I could not sit with Erin and take pictures.)

We headed for home and the girls fell asleep. Just as we were passing the Dollar Ice Cream Cone place they both woke up. SO we stopped and ate some ice cream. Then Mike said, "Well, now that everyone is awake, let's go the the skate park." So we did.

Waxhaw has a tiny skate park next to a playground. Leah ran around for a while, then put on her skates to ride with Daddy. Check this out!
I could not believe that she was brave enough to drop in on the half-pipe. She had a blast skating with Daddy. Maybe we do have a future X Games participant on our hands. Mike is already talking about upgrading her to real roller blades when her feet are big enough and taking her to skate camp in Pennsylvania. Seriously!

So that is our weekend recap. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

PS I just uploaded the pics Arielle took at Leah's party and more pics from this weekend to our website. Many thanks to Arielle for a wonderful job!


Mirdonamy said...

Leah is totally going to be a skater girl! She's so cute!!! John & I had a great time on Saturday night! Thank you so much! :)

Nikki said...

I love seeing Leah in her skates! And dropping in on the half pipe... awesome! You definitely have a skater chick in the making!

Love the pics from the party. But, why are so many distorted? :( Leah looks soooo gorgeous in those pics at the beginning in the pool!

Keri Donald said...

That looked like such a fun party! Great pics too. :) So hard to believe that Leah is 3 already!

So, who ended up making the volcano cake? You said you didn't, but not who did. :)

Angelle said...

Nikki asked about the distortion. I just noticed it. When we were uploading the files, Leah closed the computer and stopped the upload. I had to do them again. For some reason, only those photos are distorted. I will have to ask Mike to look at them and help me figure out how to fix it.

Christina said...

Love the pics. I can't believe how big she is now! Where have our babies gone. I keep saying that don't I?

I can't wait to see pics of Leah next year at HER recital :-)