Tuesday, May 27

Q & A series

Lately when I have been doing something lately, whether it is with the kids or by myself, I find myself thinking about the other women I know and how they would be doing the same thing.

For example, I have been able to scrapbook off and on lately. So I wonder how you ladies, if and when you get free time, like to spend it.

Another example is that we are deciding about dental insurance for Leah. And I wonder what you guys with kids think about dental insurance for kids and when you will/have taken your kids to the dentist.

So this is my first post in a series I will call Q & A. You can answer the above questions in your own blog (link me to it) or in my comments.

Whenever I think of something like that, I will post it under Q & A. All bloggers welcome. I would love to pick your brains. Isn't diversity fascinating?


Liz said...

If I had free time - I'd like to sleep. Honestly I feel so exhausted so much that I would like to sleep. And to be really honest - I'd like to have the energy and desire to work out - at least walk or run around the neighborhood.

As far as dental insurance - no opinion. Ella has it with my insurance automatically anyways, but if I had to purchase it separately - she wouldn't have it.

There are my two cents!

Nikki said...

Lately I've had a lot of free time. I've spent it working on my blog and working on the Hive Family website. I also love looking at recipes. I hope to start cooking more once I'm off bed rest (next week!). And I have a weird obsession with looking at the photo albums in my gallery over and over and over again. Not productive at all, but looking at the pics always makes me happy.

I've been wondering about the dentist lately too. I'll have to check back later to see if anyone has any insightful comments about that, but I'm no help to you there.

Keri Donald said...

Let see... free time; huh? What I fill my free time with right now is getting ready for the addition... shopping, recon shopping online and in stores, looking for inspiration for crafts and decorating online and on HGTV, doing said crafts and planning the decorating, trying to organize what still needs to be done, blah, blah, blah.... you get the picture. I'm SOOO pumped because my mom will be here next week and is staying for a few weeks so although I won't have "free" time, I will have a babysitter on demand and I need that SOOO much right now! I can't wait!

As for the dentist... when I took Belle in for her 2 year check up I asked Dr. H about it and he said that if you have a calm child, take he suggests taking them in for their first dentist visit at 3, but if not, then 4. So I'm planning to wait until 4. Of course, Keith's cousin who is a pediatric dentist was adamant that you should bring your kid in for his/her first dentist appointment at 1 year, but I really couldn't see that happening.

Lisa said...

Free time? Huh? I dont get much of that. I enjoying scrapbooking but I change mymind way to much to actually do it in a regular book. I get overwhelmed with all the choices. So I do my scrapbooking online at scrapblog.com.

Dental insurance is a topic around my house quite often. I had it growing up, but I do not currently have it. We talked about how much it would cost vs how much it covers. Rather than paying $10-$40 per month, we put some away in the savings to use if we need it. I make the girls brush their teeth twice a day and I watch so for now I am comfortable with no insurance. But once all the baby are out and permanents are in, dental insurance will definitely be a need.

Just my thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Free time...running and working out! That's about an hour and half daily and that's all the free time I get :)

Dental insurance for kids I think is a good idea. My kids are 6 1/2 and 4 1/2. They both started going at age 3. The visits were very basic at first to get them introduced to the idea. Our insurance cover regular visits 100%so for the four of us it definitely benefits.
I am crazy about making my kids brush at least 2 times a day and floss every night and I'm still amazed at how much tarter they get off when we go. Recently my son broke off a piece of his molar (we have no idea how or when) and he developed a huge cavity. While we were there they found one more cavity in another molar. Insurance really saved us. We now use mouth wash every night also! I think Brody will just have my husband's genetics and always have issues with cavities. That's my 2 cents!
By the way I met you at Nikki's baby shower.


Chelsi said...

My free time is spent running (although I've been slacking a lot on that lately), doing yoga class at a studio once a week, reading, knitting, blogging, commenting on blogs and emailing :)

And sometimes I do occassional houseprojects here and there :) I'm so incredibly behind on my scrapbooking, I would love to start that again, too!! If it wasn't for online photo galleries, my photos would be a mess!

The dental insurance for kids is an interesting thought. Since Ethan is so young I hadn't even considered that yet...

Tiffanyrose said...

Weird as it may sound I like to do my grocery shopping in my free time. I am not a big fan of lugging all three kids to the store because inevitably some one has a meltdown near the candy aisle. I started taking the kids to the Dentist fort heir check-ups at 2 years old. I took Andy a little earlier because she decided to jump off my bed and knock her tooth really hard.

Laurie said...

Free time? If I had some, and all my chores were done, and I didn't have any projects to complete, then I would LOVE to sit and read uninterrupted. But we all know that never happens.

Dental Insurance: we put Ian on last year and he had his first cleaning when he was three. And now, he is a flossing maniac.

Brittany said...

Well, I know I don't have kids, but I am very busy studying for the bar exam, and I still make sure to find time to relax. Otherwise, I'd go CRAZY!

So, when I have free time (usually between 8pm and 10pm before I go to bed), I like to watch my shows, read, or play computer games. If I have a whole day off, I like to cook and spend time with friends.

On a different note, did you see the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance? It was AWESOME!

Mirdonamy said...

I don't have much free time right now, but I spend it taking pictures, petting the cats and playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

I do take my kids (cats) to the vet for dentistry (cleanings). Dagan ended up having most of his teeth removed, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Free time - I don't have much. That's the bummer about working nights. But in the little free time I have, I watch a couple of shows I like - Top Chef right now is it. I try to blog, play piano, work on the photography stuff in the free time too.

Dental insurance - we didn't do it. Jackson's due for his second appt., he first went at 3 1/2. We didn't do the insurance because the appt. cost less than the insurance for kids. We'll reevaluate later, but it didn't seem necessary.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I should add that we've been doing a lot of Mario Kart on the Wii too! But that's not so much free time, as family time...