Saturday, May 3

Eating like a girl

This is what Erin has eaten so far today:

one pancake with syrup
stage 2 jar of peaches

one quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich
one-third of a pear, from a can

plus her usual 2 bottles.

This kid is becoming a less and less like a baby every day. I would have given her real peaches instead of baby food this morning if I had had them.


Mandi said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing up!!!

Brittany said...

Oh my goodness! She is too cute! Oh, and I love the Cinco de Mayo arts and crafts with an educational twist, and I bet all the other moms were grateful that you entertained the kids for a while.

Angelle said...
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Angelle said...

Yeah, the other moms got the chance to go to the grocery with ONE child!