Tuesday, June 10

Swim lessons

Leah attended her first swim lesson yesterday. I was a bit worried that she would still be scared of the water, but the water park has pretty much cured her of that (except in the tub, what's up with that?). So it went very well. The instructor had them float on their backs and bellies while she held them. Then she taught them "monkey arms" where they reach for their bananas. They have to keep their fingers closed so they don't lose their bananas. How cute is that? While they wait their turn on the side, they have to kick their feet and splash. At the end, the instructor has them do something to get their faces wet, either Ring-Around-the-Rosy or jump in. I have been very happy with it and may actually sign Leah up for the next level, which starts after this one ends. It's nice that the lessons are at the gym too because I can put Erin in the gym daycare and just concentrate on Leah.

Next week, ballet camp. :)

Blowing bubbles!

The choo-choo is leaving the pool


Christina said...

Cute pic. Ballet camp sounds fun. I'm very excited that Zach will be starting soccor this summer but super excited that I also have a little girl for ballet too!

Chelsi said...

That is cool you are doing a lot of lessons with Leah... I started Ballet and Gymnastics at a very young age and loved them both!

PS I love your good reads link, I'm signing up on the site soon!

Kelly in NC said...

I sugned Grayson up for swim lesson in July. I hope ours go as well as Leah's!