Thursday, June 12

Nudity: Good or bad? Let's discuss

I was listening to the Cooper Lawrence show on the radio tonight on the way home from the playground. (Mike met me there, then he took the girls home while I ran to Arby's to get him some dinner.) The discussion was that men love to see women naked. Any woman, any time. Strangers, people they know, whatever. But women do not usually want to see men naked. I mean they don't object to seeing their significant other, most even enjoy that. But to just see men naked, as in Playgirl or something like that, most women are just not interested. Cooper Lawrence was trying to get to the bottom of it by taking calls.

So I wanna know, do you agree? If you do, why do you think that is? One caller gave an explanation that made sense to me, but I wanna hear you ideas before I spill it.


Grace said...

Most woman are not visually stimulated..unless it's shoes or a new purse(hahahaha)

I think that men are such visual creatures they can't help it.

Speaking for myself,I need allot more than just a naked man to be turned on.For example-going to a male review would be more funny to me than erotic. I don't think there is a straight man out there who would classify watching a half naked woman dance funny!

Mike said...

Fake answer: i dont want to see anyone other than my wife.

Real answer: darn straight. Any woman, any time. Except maybe your sister or mom or mother-in-law.

Addendum: is this an appropriate question knowing that your mom and stepmom and my mom read your blog? I think this belongs on your 'adult' blog:

Angelle said...

I'd be interested in their opinions too. :)

Keri Donald said...

Mike & Angelle- I love that you guys have conversations on your blogs. :)

My answer- yeah... I'm not really interested in seeing any man naked other than my man. Even guys who I think are totally hot on TV/movies... don't need to see their wangs. I think part of it is that, like grace said, men are visual creatures and part of it is that the female body is just so much more attractive than the male body. Oh yeah... and men are horn dogs! ;)

Erica Lynn said...

I think its because the female form is more asthetically pleasing then the male form. Females have nice soft curves, where males have appendages sticking out all over :)

And yes, men are more visually stimulated then women. That's just my professional opinion from my days slinging porn :) Women buy memberships to story sites, or maybe story sites that have photos, but they help tell the story (not necessarily just a posed crotch shot) .. guys want the photos & videos, the more hard core the better (and that goes for straight guys and gay guys).

(ps, very stereotypical, I dont want to offend anybody, there are always exceptions!)

Nikki said...

Arousal is an interesting concept. I think most men are aroused by visual and physical stimulation and woman are aroused by a more emotional stimulation. The emotion doesn't have to be love, mind you. Women can be turned on by the idea that they are sexy, or that the experience is spontaneous, etc. But touch or visual stimulation that's void of some emotional connection just doesn't do it for us (I'll throw in Erica's disclaimer here too).