Wednesday, June 25

Brain Dump

I liked Erica's concept the other day, so I am stealing it. :)

- At 4:30am Mike and I heard some whispering. It sounded like Leah, but we did not have her monitor on. We thought maybe she was in Erin's room, because it was coming from the monitor. I got up and checked on Leah; she was still in her bed snoring away. Erin was whispering in her room. I didn't know she knew how to whisper! It was freaky.

- All Erin wants to do lately is stand up. She hasn't figured out how to pull herself up anywhere but using my fingers in her hands. So she constantly wants me to be holding her up. This little girl is demanding! She lets you know when she wants something and right now the screeching is not okay with me. If this is what the future will be like with her, we better watch out. :)

- Leah has been potty-trained for a while now. But at least once a week she has an accident. Now that I think about it, it is always at our house. Maybe it's because I don't suggest going to the potty when we are at home like I do when we are out. It seems like when she does have an accident, it is because she just waits a bit too long to go and can't make it to the potty. It usually happens when we have some commotion going on like visitors or whatnot. It's kinda annoying.

- Yesterday I just put in a reservation for a ski boat for July 11th. We are getting it for a half-day to celebrate Mike's birthday. His parents and sister will be here. It should be lots of fun.

- We are going on a cruise! Granted it isn't until NEXT July, but I am super excited anyway. My dad's family is planning it and so many of them will be there. I don't often get to hang out with them so it should be a BLAST! My mom has agreed to come up here and watch the kids. It will be our first vacation without kids! (if nothing come up before then, which I doubt it will) My kids will be almost 2 and 4!!! That in itself is freaky.

- We are still not definitely going to have another kid. But if we do decide to do it, we were either going to start trying late winter/early spring 2009 for a baby born in the late fall OR the following year. Due to the aforementioned cruise, it will probably be 2010. I am NOT going to be pregnant on our first vacation without kids!!!


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Nikki said...

haha.. I love Brittany's comment. I'm jealous of your ability to plan your children's conception! I'm pretty sure Little Miss Easy Breezy over here wants some younger siblings because I could already see myself doing it all again. But definitely not for awhile.

Halle still has accidents too and they are getting SO old. Sigh. Hopefully we'll have some magic secret figured out by the time our second children potty train.

I want to go on a cruise! I should really plan one soon before I do get pregnant again!

NaeNae said...

The whispering would have freaked me out! It reminds me of something that happened a few months back...In the middle of the night, I woke up to the sounds of crying over the baby monitor. I went to check on Ella and she was sound asleep. I figured she must have been having a bad dream. Later in the night, it happened again - except this time, the crying didn't stop. I went to check on her and again, she was sleeping. I walked back to my room to still hear the crying on the monitor (our rooms are on opposite ends of the house). Again, I walk to her room - she's sleeping! After several trips back and forth, I realized I must have been picking up the signal from someone else's baby monitor. Two things bothered me about this. One, there are two other babies in our neighborhood - both on the opposite side of our neighborhood. I wouldn't think it possible to pick up their signals. Second, I never heard anyone check on the crying baby. I finally had to turn my monitor off.