Monday, June 2

Q & A #7

This weekend we sat down and looked at Mike's vacation days to plan out our trips for the rest of the year. So it got me to thinking, what did you do on your favorite vacation you have ever been on?

I'm having a hard time deciding for mine. It was probably going to my uncle's lake house for a week when Leah was 3 months old. We got to spend a few of the days on a pontoon boat. There were lots of people to help with Leah. It was really fun.

I also really liked the trip last fall to Orlando. We went to theme parks and saw lots of friends and family. It was our first vacation as our little family of four and it was fun trying to figure out the logistics of having two to care for.

The second part of my question is this: what would you do for your ultimate vacation? No parameters, any length, any place, doing whatever.

I would like to go to an all-inclusive resort like Beaches or something that is family-friendly when my kids get a little older. I would invite other families too, so that the kids could play together. But then a few of the nights, I would send the kids to the babysitters they have and go out as adults. To be fed, watered, and have childcare, that would be the ultimate.


Lisa said...

My favorite vacation to date was a houseboat trip I took when I was a newleywed with my entire family and plasticplease's family. It was about a week long and all we did was swim, jet ski, eat, and drink. Most of our vacations post-children have been trips to see family. I wold love to take the girl to Disney, but when they get a bit older.

If I had a choice of anything in the world it would be one of 2 things. It would either be a long Meditteranean cruise will lots of time touring all of Italy, or a summer long RV road trip across the entire USA. I have always wanted to tour the country and all 4 of us love roadtrips. I would live to see everything this country has to offer and experience that with my girls. Someday I plan on going to Italy, probably a trip when the hubby and I are older and celebrating our 25th anniversary or something.

Nikki said...

Our trip to San Franscisco last year was one of my favorites ever. It's just hard to beat Yosemite. I love hiking and the sights are just unreal. Plus, I was with all my family, so it was just amazing all around.

Your all inclusive idea sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to go to Australia too and scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. I absolutely have to do that one day.

Mirdonamy said...

I love traveling so much, and it's hard to pick a best. My trip to Europe with AESU for 37 days has to be the top due to the culture, experience and friends I met! Still, I have had many incredible trips here in the US! Sedona and New Orleans top the list of my favorite places, but I love camping in Pioneertown, Yosemite and the Sequoias. I really enjoy time spent in NC, NJ and NY. Still, I am always drawn back to Sedona... as soon as I have a job, I'm booking a trip for 2009!

Rhiannon said...

Well, let's see, as sad as it is, we have never been on vacation. So, my dream vacation would be to Italy. Seeing all the sights and drinking all the wine! I would also have a wonderful nanny watching the kids so we could do our own thing (like enjoy the vineyards) some days. Also a side trip to Greece just because the water looks freaking amazing there!

Kelly in NC said...

Best Vacation (since Grayson) would have been the trip to Kill Devil's Hill, NC. All of TIm's aunt, uncles, grandparetns, cousins were there which meant lots of arms to hold Grayson. To be honest other than that trip- we haven't been on a lot of relaxing vacations since his birth.
Dream Vacation- A cruise on the Greek Isles is still on my list. I thought that we would go this fall- but with the US $ being so poor- we decided on my second idea- an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. We went to an All Inlcusive in Mexico a few year ago and LOVED it! This summer we are off to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Tim's mom and dad have offered to watch Grayson while we are gone and we can't wait!
I would also like to do a family all inclusive once Gray is old enough and since we love hiking- I can't wait until my kid is big enough to take him on backpacking trips (and maybe white water rafting down the Grand Canyon???)!

Tiffanyrose said...

I want to be at and exclusive resort in Kauai for 2 weeks. I have always wanted to go to hawaii but we never did while we were on the westcoast. Now I feel like we are SUPER far away.

Anonymous said...

Our best family vacation was to Asheville, NC. We stayed in a cabin at Scenic Wolf Lodge in a town a little north of Asheville. We went mid October and it was peak for the fall foliage. It was so...beautiful! We took the kids hiking, horseback riding, roasted marshmellows, played board games, went to Biltmore, and enjoyed the lodge dinner and show! It was the best family vacation so far!

My husband and I went to Maui and that was my favorite for us!Napa Valley was pretty awesome too!

OK...I agree with just about everyone else...Italy is the top of my list! I would love to travel around over there and teach my kids about different cultures! We would also love to take our kids on an Africian Safari one day (when they are teenagers). I would love to be a part of building houses/schools for people here or in other countries with my kids once they are older.


Jacqueline said...

Probably the best vacation I have ever been on was when Mark and I went to Cabo, Mexico. We had so much fun!!! It was gorgeous! I would love to go again, just Mark and I. But, since we don't have anyone able to keep the boys - we will have to wait till they are older.
Presently, I am trying to put together a trip to Charleston for this summer. I think Sam is at the age that he would appreciate the history and Jack just loves to go to places.