Monday, June 16

Q & A #14

I am finally getting into the habit of flossing every night. If you knew my teeth, you would know how necessary this is in order to avoid high dental bills. So I put this question to you.

What is your most beneficial habit? Do have any habits you would like to get rid of?

My MOST beneficial habit is probably wearing a seatbelt. I put it on EVERY time I get in the car. I don't even think about it. Sometimes I realize my seatbelt is on and I don't remember putting it on. That's how much of a habit it is.

I am also slowing forming the habit of drinking at least 48 oz of water a day. I eat so much less when I drink enough water.

Bad habits - not putting on sunscreen every time I am out in the sun. I do put it on when we are going to the water park. But if, say, I am outside with the kids swinging or riding bikes, I almost NEVER put sunscreen on myself. And I don't put it on the kids EVERY time either. Erin is usually put in the shade somewhere, but still. This is something I need to work on.


Anonymous said...

Good habits: Wearing seatbelt, I drink a lot of water (like 7-8 bottles a day),and turning off lights when I leave rooms/house.
Bad habits: I don't wear sunscreen like I should either, taking my vitamins, forgetting to eat because I'm busy doing stuff.


Rhiannon said...

Good habits: wearing seatbelt, I always wear it, it's almost like instinct to put it on. Turning off lights. I put sunscreen on when I know I will be in the sun for a longer amount of time. I do some kind of exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

Bad habits: don't eat enough fresh fruits, don't drink enough water, probably spend too much time on the computer, dishes, I always want to get them done after we eat but who wants to do dishes after you have just cooked! I think my biggest one is keeping my emotions/feelings to myself, but I think that is more personality not a bad habit. Don't get me wrong, it's not a good personality trait! lol.

Mike said...

i have no bad habits! I'm Perfect!

Mike said...

J/K (not really)

Bad Habits: bad chair posture, road rage, not getting enough sleep, making noise (pen clicking/keyboard key tapping), eating close to bedtime, not going to the gym enough

Good habits: spending time with my kids, thinking about the price of things, going to work everyday, telling my wife i love her (i love you!), staying close to my friends, compassion, logical reasoning

NaeNae said...

Beneficial Habits: Washing my hands/using hand sanitizer when washing is not possible, and turning lights off

Bad Babits: Procrastinating and picking dry skin from my lips are probably the first I'd like to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

Bad habits: I bite my nails and really don't want the boys to start that! I don't sleep enough, and a lot of times it's my fault (staying up late web surfing). I should eat more fruit, though I'm better about this in the summer. I'm not good at housekeeping/home organization. I wish I was more patient at times.

Good habits: I always, but always, wear that seatbelt. I'm religious about sunscreen for all of us if we're going out for anything more than 15 minutes outside. I'm thrifty, almost to a fault but since we're on 1.5 incomes I'll call it a good habit! I read to the boys every night and, if possible, every time they request a story I'll read one.

Chelsi said...

Beneficial habits: Seatbelt thing (like you said I don't even think about doing it anymore it so engrained in my head), Exercising regularly, Reading to Ethan every single day, Reading a lot more now & subsequently watching a lot less tv, Remembering people's birthdays (by keeping track of them on my calendar).

Bad habits: Talking on the cell phone while driving (trying to kick that habit to be a better example for E-bug), Forgetting to take a multivitamin pretty much every day, Being too reactive in certain situations, wasting too much time on the computer by surfing