Friday, June 13

Congrats & TV suggestions

First of all, congratulations to Jason & Nikki on the arrival of baby Elena. We are so happy it went well and can't wait to hear more about this new miracle.

Next, Leah has been watching Word World lately. It is on PBS and it is AWESOME. It teaches letters and spelling through a unique format. You have probably seen the toys that go with it at Target. Now that we watch the show, I will be looking at the products more closely to see if we could use any of them at home. Anyway, I highly recommend this show.

The other show we love that is finally on TV is Signing Time! We have learned SO many new signs from borrowing the DVDs from the library. Now we will just DVR them and make our own DVDs. You can check out their website for listings in your area.


Keri Donald said...

Thanks for the tips! I will definitely look into both of those! I've seen the Word World toys at Target and thought they looked cute, but I could see the show being more versatile and useful.

brittany said...

Well I'm glad they have quality programs for kids because the ones this summer for adults are STUPID! I can't think of one show that I look forward to watching. Anyway, one of these days I'll get around to answering your other questions. In other words, I'm still here, but there's just not much time to blog this summer!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the congratulations!! :)

I recorded a Word World after you mentioned it in one of your previous posts and Halle loved it. I'll have to remember to record some more. And I'm sure I'll be recording Signing Time soon too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

AGH! I just lost my comment...

Both my boys love Word World. Super Why! comes on afterwards and it's OK too....Jackson's favorite comes on after that - Word Girl. She uses a lot of vocabulary and I LOVE that. This all comes on around lunchtime (and right before Tucker's nap) so it's good timing for a little TV.

I'm so glad we're back on watching PBS again...when we watched more Nick Jr., I noticed the boys really watching the massive advertising and that scared me a little. Love PBS.