Wednesday, February 6

Poop du jour

I have never in my life experienced a poop explosion of this magnitude. Here are the items sullied:

Erin's entire romper
the changing pad
the carpet in spots from the kitchen to the living room behind the couch
Erin's car seat
my shoe
my pants
Leah's pants
the bathroom sink (where said romper was rinsed)
the dryer (where said romper was sprayed heavily with stain spray)
the washer (where said items of clothing are currently swishing away)

Mike & I were just talking the other day about how Erin has peed/pooped out of diapers MANY times less than Leah. She is just neater, even down to spitting up and eating (so far anyway). But today topped them all. Even Leah's movie theater disaster didn't touch this for sheer number of items requiring cleaning. Thank goodness I was just getting home is all I have to say.

Note: I believe this is due to the fact that Erin has had glycolax in a juice bottle every day for a week. This is the first poop of exploding consistency she has had since she was a newborn.


Brittany said...

That's my girl! Way to go Erin!

Tiffanyrose said...

I am so sorry to hear about that, although I am laughing pretty hard right now. Hope you have better luck today!

Kelly in NC said...

I was just about to mention the gycolax...maybe reduce the dosage a bit?