Wednesday, February 27

Muppet Babies

Mike pointed out this face Erin was making and I had to film it because it was SO. FREAKING. HILARIOUS!

We got a movie from Netflix and I told Leah that today after lunch when Erin naps, she and I will watch it. She was trying to remember the name of the movie and said, "Mommy, when are we going to watch Poppin' Beans?"

The movie was Mary Poppins.

Update: Leah has been calling the movie "Hoppin' Poppin'" all day. I laugh my head off every time!

Last but not least, I know Mike posted this one on his blog but some of my friends don't read his too. So here it is. Last night Leah was telling Mike that he had "dumpies." He was like WHAT? Leah insisted that he and Erin had dumpies. I finally realized that she meant dimples. I had told her that morning that Erin and Mike had dimples and she and I do not. She got "dumpies" from that. :)


Keith Donald said...

That IS freakin' hilarious!!! Muppet face is a great name for it too!

Keri Donald said...

*sigh* That comment was from me, but Keith was logged in. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!

JujuBoo said...

Hilarious video! And I love the 'dumpies' thing.

Grace said...

adorable! Avery is very jealous of Erin's hair!!!

Kelly in NC said...

I don't know which I laughed about more:
The muppet face
you and Mike laughing in the backgound.

Christina said...

What a great video. I totally needed a laugh.

Todd said...

lol...that is so funny. I'm not sure what's funnier...her face or you two laughing at her!

Thanks for sharing!