Tuesday, February 5

Monday night timeline

7pm Erin goes to bed

7:30pm Leah goes to bed

7:45pm Watch Deja Vu with my mom (great movie!)

10:30pm Go to bed

11:15pm Erin wakes up and cries for 20 min before falling back to sleep

1:30am Leah wakes up crying, saying she has to pee pee. I take her and she gets back in bed.

2:20am Leah is crying again. This time she says "Mommy, I have a bad feeling." What can I say to that? She gets in bed with me.

3:30am Erin wakes up to eat. Goes right back to sleep.

3:50am Back in my bed.

5:30am Erin wakes up and cries for 20 min.

5:50am I go in and try soothing her in her crib.

6:00am I change her diaper and nurse her back to sleep.

6:11am I am back in my bed.

7:15am My mom comes in to take a shower.

7:30am Leah wakes up and my day begins.

All I can say is, Mike is on duty from the minute he walks in the door.

PS Happy Mardi Gras y'all!


Kelly in NC said...

Thanks for the reality check...I'm definitely not ready for another baby yet!

Laurie said...

Hey...that sounds strangely familiar...

Keri Donald said...

I feel ya!

Nikki said...

And Jason thinks I'm going to have it easy staying home with two kids and not having to work. Ha!