Friday, February 15

Love/hate relationship

Here is something funny I just realized. When Leah was a baby, I hated any top that did not snap under her tush. I did not like shirts that would ride up and leave her belly hanging out at all. If I happened to put one on her, I was constantly pulling it down and straightening it out.

Now, Erin very rarely wears onesies. Maybe it's because I did not have that many from Leah in the correct size/season. I had to buy most of Erin's winter wardrobe new. I found that I was drawn to regular shirts. And now I love them on her! When I think about it, it's probably because I like to buy the girls matching shirts and they are usually both regular shirts. But they are super cute.

We took Erin's 6 month pics today. I put a small white BOW in her hair! Don't pass out now, y'all. I know I am not a bow kind of mom, but both my girls wore white bows in their hair today. I will take a pic after Erin gets up. They are beauties!

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Grace said...

yay for bows!!!