Wednesday, July 18

Just to refresh my memory

I got the chance to relive the good old days when I constantly had poop or spit-up on my clothing. I took Leah to the children's movie of Charlotte's Web today. Toward the end, she was getting restless so I put her on my lap, hoping to last the rest of the movie. As I stood up to gather our stuff after it was over, my pants felt wet. Once I got out into the light I looked down saw a wet spot on my pants where she had been sitting. In the bathroom I discovered that she had EXPLODED out of her diaper on both sides and up the back JUST LIKE A NEWBORN! We had to exit the theater with me, poopy pants, and Leah, naked except for a diaper and sandals. Quite the picture. Needless to say I did NOT get to stop by the grocery store on the way home like I was going to.

One more reminder how FUN those days are.

Note to self: pack extra clothes for EVERYONE!

P.S. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Leah is now on meds for constipation so those kinds of poops are not unusual, just not usually so explosive.

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Christina said...

That is so awful! Thanks for the reminder.

Hopefully Leah is feeling better.

Labs said...

Oh no! I hope that you have a better day today. :-)

Emily said...

Oh dear, your child has the constipation issues too. Work those out - we've had problems getting J to #2 in the toilet because of the SAME THING.

If it makes you feel better - we've had less accidents of that type with Tucker. I think a lot of that is due to the fact that we know what we're doing a little more.

But yes, a change of clothes (which I never have for me either, but always for the boys) helps too!

Nikki said...

Ha! I'm just now reading this blog, but Halle poopied my pants the day after Leah poopied yours!

How's Leah doing on the meds? Is the pain all gone now? I hope so!

Kelly in NC said...

That story is too funny! Oh the joys of motherhood...and you're about to start it all over again!