Monday, February 4

Leah these days

She is such a card! (Are cards funny? Because that's the only way that saying makes sense.) Yesterday we went to the mall and on the way out to the car, we were wandering around a little. I didn't realize I went down the wrong row for the car and I was looking around for it. Leah says, "Mom, it's over there," and points right to the car in the next row. My two year old found my car in the parking lot.

My mom was doing something with her and she says, "Grammy, you are smarter than me."

She is always asking "or" questions like "Yes or no?" or "Rest or nap?" or "Hot or cold?" Everything is "or."

With Mike in Colorado, the other day Leah was sad in bed. She said "Daddy didn't come home for dinner." That is what I always tell her, that Daddy will be home at dinnertime.

At the Wal-Mart checkout, she always makes me hold one of those furry pens, usually a Pooh one, while she takes my picture with a pretend kids camera.

She has only ever had a pee-pee accident at home. Never while we are out (*knock on wood*). She has been in underwear for about 3 weeks solid during the day.

This morning we were on the Harcourt (textbook publisher) Math site and we were doing the Pre-K games. She could do all of them. I had to prompt a little on the comparing length game and on the pattern game, but on all the rest she had it down pat. Should I put her in kindergarten in the fall? :)


JenniMcKay said...

Angelle! So good to hear from you. Your girls are absolutely adorable. I love how various forms of technology (blogs, MySpace) have led me to so many old friends. Good luck with the weight loss...are you on SparkPeople too? I love it!

Rhiannon said...

I was just looking at all your pictures (I always forget to look at your homepage!) Leah looks so big!

I have no comment about my comment on Nicki's blog, not yet anyway! lol

Mandi said...

I love your last 2 blogs. It makes me miss the girls so much! It's so fun to write out WHY you love your children (and nephews and husband etc) It's fun to read too. Thanks! I can't wait to see you guys in july.

Christina said...

It sounds like Leah is ready for for middle school! She is such a smart and beautiful little girl. I can't wait to see her again.