Sunday, February 24

Leah's new bed

We bought this bed yesterday for Leah.I am SO excited because I have had in my mind for the longest time that I wanted her to have a daybed with a trundle. I was thinking about how I had a trundle bed when I was little and I loved it. Sleepovers were so much fun. But I was having trouble finding what I wanted for under $1000 not including mattresses, which Mike refused to pay for a kid's bed. I tried to explain to him that she would keep it for MANY years to come. But he was not having it. In the end we found it for $750, which includes the daybed, trundle, and both mattresses!

The downside is that is doesn't come in until April 23rd. So Tiffany, you may have your toddler bed back then. I hope that is okay. :)


Keri Donald said...

That's so cute! Looks like it will go great with Leah's room too.

I had a daybed/trundle when I was little too. It is a great use of space and may come in handy if/when Erin has to share a room with Leah. :)

Tiffanyrose said...

Hey, no problem. I plan on keeping Porter in the crib for as long as I possibly can!

JujuBoo said...

I had my daybed up until last year when we moved 1400 miles from where I grew up. My oldest daughter even used my daybed for 5 years! She was amazed that it was mommys bed.

Looks like a great bed and I love the thought of having a trundle.

Bake Me A Cake! said...

My best friend growing up had a daybed trundle and I always thought it was the neatest bed! I have five brothers so going to spend the night at her house was such a treat. It was so easy to pull out and put away. What a great invention! Plus it is a lot more feminine than bunk beds. The one you picked out is really cute.