Thursday, February 14

Love Tag

I was tagged by T to list 14 things that I love in honor of Valentine's Day. I have been saving this tag to do today. So here it is, in no particular order:

1. Erin - I cannot get enough of my baby!

2. Leah - My logical girl learns faster than I can keep up with and remembers EVERYTHING!

3. Mike - After a month of being disconnected due to vacations (his) and sickness (both of us), we're back, baby!

4. My parents - All of my parents have contributed to the happiness I have today

5. My neighbors and neighborhood - I couldn't think of a better place for my babies to grow up.

6. Cooking an elaborate dinner for guests

7. A really good book (like Expecting Adam)

8. Visiting friends

9. Taking vacations

10. Being able to be there for all my girls' milestones

11. Making crafts with Leah (we gave those butterflies out at her Vday party at school)

12. Going to Maggiano's

13. When my house is clean (but I hate cleaning it!)

14. Buying people presents

Happy Valentine's Day all!

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