Monday, February 11

Thank you!

I just have to thank all of my commenters on my last post. Those words went a long way toward relieving my guilt. I admire all of my mommy friends so much and your words mean a lot. Those who are not mothers, I so appreciate that you took the time to give me encouraging words. Thanks for all the love!


Aussiefoxes said...

I have never felt guilty for not breast feeding my children for long periods of time. I did 5 weeks with Jordana but after her first formula bottle she slept through the night and never looked back. With Connor I did 24 hours and then gave it up as he was not at all interested and I personally had no desire to persevere. Why should we even remotely have to feel guilty. You are an amazing mom and you have two beautiful, smart children and I want you to smile and stop thinking any negative thoughts about this. :)


Christina said...

PS- I agree with Keri's response to the last post. You are an amazing mom and I too wonder how you would handle things.

Tiffanyrose said...

You are tagged my dear, see my blog for details.