Tuesday, October 14

Triathlon training

I know I mentioned possibly doing a triathlon next spring. Well, I have officially committed to it (mentally anyway, registration doesn't begin until December). Mandi, Laurie, and Christina have all expressed interest in competing with me. So off we go. Today I swam for 18 minutes (I was supposed to swim 14, but I couldn't do it straight, so I didn't count my rest times) and completed 20 laps. I think each lap is 25 meters, which means I did 500m. Then I biked 7 miles in 24 minutes. I wasn't supposed to run today, but I haven't had the chance to use my new running shoes. So I hopped on the treadmill for a quarter-mile. Complete triathlon workout in 45 min. It was a good start.


Mandi said...

OH man, you got a blog spam... that sucks.

Anyway - I'm excited!! My swim today went by so quickly (of course it was only 50m plus cooldown)

Nikki said...

Great workout!! :)

stacy said...

so i totally am aiming to do this with you...still just need a bike and somewhere to swim...=) just a minor set back...haha