Tuesday, October 14

Hive Oh Eight Day #1

After driving from 8:15am to 5:15pm, we arrived at our house in Orlando to begin the Hive celebration. The girls were really good the whole ride. The house itself was amazing: 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, screened pool in the backyard. Dave and Rhiannon arrived soon after we did and the kiddos were in the pool almost immediately.

I made tacos for dinner and the Konickis arrived a little later. The Donalds and Stewarts came late that night, but we were all around to get ready to go to Disney the next day.

Even with 28 people, 12 being kids 3 & under, it was loads of fun.

It took quite a while to get down Main Street with everyone stopping to sunscreen, get a drink, check out a store, etc. But once we got started, it went pretty smoothly. We were able to ride Winnie-the-Pooh, Dumbo, It's a Small World, and Buzz Lightyear.
Mike and & got a chance to ride Space Mountain twice while Grammy stayed with the girls (thanks, Mom!!!). The best part of the day was seeing Leah meet the princesses.

She told Cinderella, "You're my favorite." Her face was adorable. All our girls enjoyed meeting the three, Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora.

We went home after a yummy Dole Whip and ordered pizza and swam until it was bedtime (late of course). That night was crazy chaos with so many kids running around. My mom said she sat there and watched and said, "Thanks goodness I get to go home to sleep. I don't have the energy for this." :)

We actually got out of the Orlando house on time and made our way over to Melbourne for Day 2 festivities.

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Arielle said...

I am so glad you had such a great time! I wish I could have joined you!!! Hugs