Wednesday, October 22

Training update

If you are checking out my sidebar, you can see this week's training. I am doing this training plan, 20 week bike-focused. When I started training last week, I did the swim-focused one because I was very concerned with my ability to swim the 500yd distance. At the time, I could barely swim 50yds without gasping for breath. After swimming just four training sessions, I noticed my ability to breathe properly improve drastically. I have discovered that when I get into the proper rhythm, with either swimming or running, I almost never get out of breath. I get physically tired before I get winded. Unfortunately with swimming, I don't maintain the rhythm as well. I just need more practice, that is what training is for.

So this week I switched to the bike-focused plan because of my one 40 min bike ride last week. Mike and I rode all around the surrounding neighborhoods, and in 40 min we only completed 7.4 miles. The race is 13 miles. So I have a LOT of practicing to do in that area. The training plan gives you two sessions a week in each area and an extra session in your focus area. So I have 7 "sessions" a week to complete, on two days doubling up and doing a transition too. I have really enjoyed training so far.

Yesterday Laurie and I did a swim session. I try to do a few extra minutes on the swim sessions because I still have to rest occasionally and I want to make sure I am swimming enough. Anyway, last week Laurie sent me this article about proper technique. We were trying it out last night and although it did make me swim slower, it made me concentrate on my strokes and breathing so much more. I was only breathing on one side prior to this, now I am practicing "bilateral breathing." It's like learning a new language! But truly, I am loving it!


Mandi said...

I'm thinking our friend Dave is going to be in the Tri w/ us, and he loves to bike, so i think i'm going to get some extra biking in w/o changing the program. I'm glad you figured out your breathing! I still have to learn how to swim, competetively that is.

Christina said...

I'm glad your training is going so well. I've been doing my swimming in our pool which means I'm not going to be able to do it for much longer because it is starting to get too cold.

Have you picked a race yet?