Monday, October 27


The Halloween party at the gym was held this past Friday night. It was lots of fun, as always. Just before we were about to get ready, I had a brainstorm for Erin's ears. Her costume is a black cat but she won't wear the headband I bought with ears on it. So I attached pink craft foam to black felt to make ears, then I sewed them onto hair ties. When I put her hair in pigtails, it looked like she had cat ears! I was so proud!

Leah looked fantastic as Supergirl and LOVED the games. She was adorable trying to eat the doughnut off the string.

Leah fished, jumped, decorated, threw, putted, and hunted.

Erin danced, crawled, ran, and patted. She loved this giant Frankenstein.

We loved having my mom here. She had a great time helping get the girls ready and chasing after Erin all over the gym. :)

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Nikki said...

Great idea for the ears! They look perfect!